Tuesday, 9 February 2016

On Stillness

Stillness is an undisturbed state of the intellect, 

 the calm of a free and joyful soul, 

the tranquil unwavering stability of the heart in God, 

the contemplation of light, 

the knowledge of the mysteries of God, 

consciousness of wisdom by virtue of a pure mind, 

the abyss of divine intellections, 

the rapture of the intellect, intercourse with God, 

and unsleeping watchfulness,  spiritual prayer, 

untroubled repose in the midst of great hardship 

and, finally, 

solidarity and union with God.

 Nikitas Stithatos in “On the Inner Nature of Things”

... Being still on a Tuesday,


[Blogging every day in February - Day 9]


  1. Sometimes I wish my mind would be "undisturbed" yet am grateful that it "works"...:)JP

  2. I wish I could be still more often.
    I love your cup with coffee seeds used as a candle holder, wonderful idea.
    Have a lovely day


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