Friday, 19 February 2016

Art, Walk & Coffee

"Long time no see!" - Our girls afternoon out started with visiting art galleries at Bredgade by Nyhavn. 
The paintings by Marianne Christa Krogstrup at Galleri Bredgade 22, made an unforgettable impression on us. Many of her paintings were already sold at her vernissage on Wednesday - fortunately we were able to buy postcard prints of the beautiful painting with birch trees. 

Marianne Christa Krogstrup at Galleri Bredgade 22

We made our way through the side streets - popping in and out of pretty boutiques ... Flowers, pottery, tea ... Not really buying anything, but enjoying the atmosphere, admiring the colors and scent of the flowers, the way pretty things are being set up in the stores, and most of all, each others company.

Hot Moroccan Mint Tea tasted just lovely after a chilly walk outside ... Cafe The a la Menthe serves also coffee, tea and hot chocolate, together with light lunch dishes. Colorful and ethnic decor in the cafe created a warm and cozy atmosphere. 
The a la Menthe is a nice place to sit down and chat away, enjoying the fellowship around good food - in other words - a very hyggelig cafe!

... I'm so thankful for this week of rest - I find that Winter Break came just at the right time! 
 Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. How Fun! Those paintings are awesome!

    1. They are, Kerri! - I love her style; the colors, the playfulness and finding new things and layers on the paintings, the more you study them!

  2. What a perfect day, especially with the fantastic cafe to catch up with friends. Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. It was so refreshing, Chel... And the cafe was a lovely way to slow down and catch up with one another :)

  3. The art is very beautiful and I also enjoy seeing those colorful buildings.

    1. I look forward of hr next exhibition in July! And the colorful buildings do brighten up a grey and rainy day :)

  4. I love those cafes ♥ that looks and sounds like a great day, dear Nina :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful girls' afternoon. I think my daughter would LOVE hot moroccan mint tea.


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