Monday, 15 February 2016

Winter break

Our winter break week started with bright sunshine and chilly weather ... Such a delight to be blended by sunlight after gray days with rain!

I visited a friend of mine this morning, and held her beautiful and precious 3,5 month old baby girl. I was taken by her daughters blue eyes and the sweetest smile, she gave to her mom!

Our boys have been out and about ... I wonder if there will fall some snow one of these days? The weather forecast promises cold weather and frost ... Let's see...

I baked macaron cakes yesterday, and took a snapshot as the cakes were resting before baking. This is the only photo of the macarons ... They turned out well and with four of us in the family, the cakes made a tasty treat: The macarons were made to be eaten and enjoyed, not to be photographed, after all.

Keep your heart open to dreams. 
For as long as there’s a dream, 
there is hope, and as long as there is hope, 
there is joy in living.


 ... Until next time,

[Blogging every day in February - Day 15]


  1. Hyvää talvilomaa!! :) Nauti pakkaspäivistä ja auringosta.

    1. Kiitos Mona ~ Aurinko paistaa myös tänäänkin!

  2. My girl has just finished Carneval break...and now she's at home with flu :-(
    I guess I need spring...!!!
    Have a nice day

    1. Oh dear, I hope she gets well soon! Yes, we need the sun & spring ... No more colds nor flues.


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