Saturday, 17 January 2015

Highlights of my week

The tube scarf has been in the making a few months now - it is so cozy to knit in the evenings. I like these soft colors, the woolen yarn and the recipe for the scarf is a present from a friend of mine from her travels.

Cherishing the moments in the kitchen, as our boys are making sandwiches or helping around, like emptying the dish washer ... The saying "Kitchen is the heart of a home" makes sense with the pulsing life it contains.

I was about to catch a common cold with sore throat, headache, running nose ... I drank pots of green tea with thinly sliced fresh ginger and honey, and slept a lot after work - I cannot say which helped most - I'm grateful for not getting really sick.

Glaze and Brushstroke apps, and a texture Tableaux Old Style from French Kiss Studio Textures

We had the pleasure of having the sun peeking out Friday afternoon - Sunlight does make a great difference after a foggy and rainy week. The bluish and turquoise shades and the glimpses of sunlight playing on the water ... Yes, the time seemed to stand still, as we admired the vast sea, the far horizon and the open sky.

The scent of paper and Earl Grey ... Simple pleasures on Saturday mornings. 

... Is there a moment from this week that is still lingering in the back of your mind - what made it so special to you?

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Hello dear Nina!
    I had a wonderful time visiting with a friend yesterday. She is a mathematician. We filled several sheets of paper calculating how to make a crochet afghan. How to get the colors and pattern to work for the size I want.
    Thank you for asking. And thank you for sharing your week,
    xo, m & jb

  2. Hi Nina! Love your highlights. I used to knit so a finished scarf is a triumph! And I am so glad that you didn't get super sick. I think the natural remedies and rest are all a good help. xx

  3. Love the composition of each of these and their tone is very inviting. Glad you were able to stave off the cold. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Such a sweet post, Nina.... a post that is filled with lovely reflection and joy. Today I spent the day with my husband and son. We did not turn on the computer and we took a walk in the woods - the cell phone was left behind. It was simply wonderful to just enjoy one another's company while relishing our time in God's nature.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Nina you always amaze me with your photography, so versatile in each aspect of it. Each one is a little masterpiece. The yarn and the processing is so warm and inviting, and oh my that landscape is just wonderful.

  6. Your scarf is quite beautiful, Nina.
    Lovely reflections of your week. Praise the Lord you didn't come down with a harsh illness. I always believe rest is a good healer.

    One delight from my week was visiting my dear Stephanie, but I had the joy of playing outside with her little one in his snow cave he made and having a snowball fight. :-)
    He was gracious to his Gamma, and threw only soft gentle snowballs.

    Joy to you!

  7. What beautiful images! Love the last one especially!

  8. I agree with you about the sunshine. Life without it becomes a bit sad.

  9. Oh Nina...sunshine? so beautiful to see :0) lovely scarf, mari

  10. Hi Nina,
    It is nice to take a peek into your week, sorry I am late. Your images capture the beauty of everyday so well. I always think I need to go here or there to take pictures, you show me I need to look for photo opportunities right where I am. Your scarf is beautiful. I agree, is wonderful to have everyone in the kitchen helping with a meal and there is nothing better than staring over the sea out into the horizon.


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