Monday, 26 January 2015

Add a Warm Vintage Glow with Photo Veils [Photo Recipe]

Printing my photos - using them as post cards or greetings for birthdays - is something I plan to do more often this year. And to start with, I will make a series of Still Life photos with simple motives, that will convey a warm and peaceful feeling. 

My mom has a bunch of old bottles, she has gotten from a friend of hers, whose mom was a pharmacist. The memories from my childhood - seeing these bottles filled with flowers - inspired me to compose the image above. To create a touch of vintage, I used a coffee-toned cloth, together with a brown masonite board as a back drop. I photographed the image beside our kitchen window, where the light is best in the afternoon. My camera settings were following: 1/60 sec, f/3.5, ISO 800.

Photo recipe:

1. I checked the cropping of the image, to secure, that my motive is in the middle of the frame, and adjusted the brightness and contrast.
2. I added the Rosy Glow Veil from the Illumination Collection blending mode soft light, 70% opacity. This veil creates a mild and warm glow to the photo.
3. In order to underline the light, that comes from the upper lift corner, I added the Sunshine 2 top left vertical photo veil from the Illumination Collection, with blending mode soft light, opacity 36%.
4. To create a natural vignette, I added the Medium spotlight top photo veil, also from Illumination Collectionwith blending mode soft light 100%.
5. Finally, I added the Privet photo veil from the Botanical Collection to create a touch of vividness and depth, with blending mode softlight 29%.

"Say it with flowers"-works fine with photography cards  as well... Receiving a card via Snail Mail makes one happy today, when a great deal of our communication and greetings takes place via via e-mails and social media.

I hope this photo recipe has inspired you to create and fine tune the mood and feeling in your photos, you wish to convey with them. 
Let's keep on clicking our cameras - and let us not forget to make use of the images we capture!

...Until next time,


  1. Nina, what a great idea to make cards from your lovely photographs. I am sure anyone receiving one will be so blessed by your thoughtfulness. I appreciate too the details of your editing. It makes such a difference.....

  2. What difference, huh? it really pays to know more, especially about editing these days.

  3. That flower in that tiny vase is simply perfect - I love carnations, and I adore the colour of this one especially. Such beautiful work, Nina and thank you for the "how to" and inspiration to actually use our images!

  4. What a lovely flower this is, much inspiration from just looking at it.

  5. Wow it does make a difference! Lovely and I can already see this as a postcard =)

    Dropping by from

  6. I love what the veil did for the photo! Just perfect.

  7. I agree the after image is easy on the eye.. perfect change -- I love photo veils!


  8. You're a very talented photographer. Lovely photo.

  9. Making your own cards/postcards/notecards is a great idea!!!!!

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  10. Thanks for the tips, I agree it came out really well


  11. Ahhh! I see that you also use your photography for your cards! Awesome! Your photo here is just lovely!


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