Saturday, 22 November 2014

Glimpses of Sunlight - and Dreams of a Tripod

Welcome back, sunlight and blue skies ... Such a pleasure after a week with rain, fog and grey skies! The sun peeked out Friday afternoon - so I biked by the lake, so see the setting sun, on my way home from work.

The weather is getting cold - the crispy, fresh air fills my lungs each morning as I step outside - the temperature may soon be under zero during the nighttime.

The sun is getting up at 8 am, and setting down at 4 pm ... That is my working hours and I am mostly inside ... So I'm cherishing the weekends, having the opportunity to be outside during daylight.

Light is so important, in many ways ... and especially with photography. I prefer taking the advantage of natural light when taking pictures, so I'm using each and every opportunity I get, to snap the daily photos with my iPhone.

Yet winter is a wonderful season for learning low light photography ... which is the reason why tripod for my DSLR is on my wish list. I have been reading lately some articles about slow shutter speed photography, and would really like to experiment more in that area. 

What would be important to consider when buying a tripod?
And furthermore - what to consider when photographing with a tripod ... Should I use a timer in order to behave sharpness when photographing with normal shutter speed?

- As you can read, I am thinking about entering into a new, unknown terrain!

 ... Wishing you a Happy Weekend with Glimpses of Sunlight,



  1. Hi Nina! Your photos are so pretty! And I like looking at the reflection of the light in the water. So peaceful!
    It's great to be thinking about new ways to photograph, that just means you are ready to take another step and learn more about your craft. Good for you!
    I hope you have a great weekend my friend. And maybe a blue sky?

  2. Hi sweet Nina! The white swan looks so royal and elegant among the darker ducks. Your pictures are simply amazing - you have been blessed, dear friend, with the gift of photography.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Your photos are just beautiful, the tones and light ... so perfect. I have never seen a swan (truly!) maybe in a zoo but I don't remember, what a thrill that must be. I use a tripod quite a bit for my still life images. It gives me so much flexibility when the light is low. I do use a timer and I turn off vibration reduction on my lens. You won't regret getting a tripod! Have a wonderful weekend, Nina!

  4. I agree with Barb's comments regarding the tripod. Such a worthwhile investment - especially as we enter the winter days with less light. Your swan images, against the pink sky and shimmering water, are simply elegant and so beautiful!


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