Sunday, 16 November 2014

Path of Peace

Through the heartfelt mercies of our God, 
God's Sunrise will break upon us,
showing us the way, one foot at a time, 
down the path of peace.

Luke 1:78 The Message

It Is Well by Terry MacAlmon

"Shalom is not just peace but flourishing
flourishing in all dimensions of our existence -
in our relations to God,
in our relation to our fellow human beings,
in our relation to ourselves,
in our relation to creation in general."

Nicholas P. Wolterstorff

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  1. Huokaisen hiljaa, kiitos♥
    Seurakuntaan lähteminen oli pakko tänä pyhäaamuna jättää sairastamisen takia.
    Sain täällä luonasi oman hartaushetken.
    Kiitos ja siunausta sunnuntaillesi!

  2. I love to start my Sundays with your Bible verses and photos. Have a blessed week!

  3. Wishing you a blessed week ahead, Nina!

  4. "showing us the way, one foot at a time" I love that….I love knowing He is guiding my every step and guides me as to where to step next….Thanks Nina….

  5. He is all we can rely upon, forever and ever. And walking on the path of peace is a glorious opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Nina! I love this translation because it says 'one foot at a time'. I tend to want to leap! Praise him who asks me slow down and enjoy the walk.
    Hope you had a great weekend!


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