Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tangled FX [App Happy Wednesday]

I spotted this pretty flower as I was walking in the neighbourhood. I fell for the round, high top of the flower - and the orange - green color-combination. I wanted to highlight the sharp structure of the flower top, and chose therefore to edit the photo in Tangled Fx.

Tangled Fx is a creative painterly app. It has 16 different painterly effects, from "Brush Strokes" (which I have used in the photo above) to Fibers, Swirls, Bloom and so forth. Tangled Fz allows you to adjust the strenght of the chosen effect, together with the color boost, contrast, gamma and hue shift.

I edited the photo making the following changes:
  1.  I used Camera+ -app to take the picture with. 
  2. I adjusted the brightness, contrast, warmth and ambiance in Snapseed-app. 
  3. Masking the flower in TadaaSLR-app, I created a blurry background with a bokeh-effect. 
  4. I used Mextures-app to add warm sunlight in the background. 
  5. In Tangled Fx-app I selected the Brush Strokes-effect - that highlights the flower top and also the grass  and leaves, creating a delicate painterly look. 
  6. Finally, I took the photo to PhotoToaster-app, where I chose the White Brush-frames to the photo.

What is your favorite creative photo-app at the moment? 
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  1. Nina, I really don't use photo apps yet your creations are lovely!...:)JP

  2. The pictures are beautiful. It is always a surprise how you can change pictures with apps and software.

  3. It's gorgeous, Nina! Thanks for all the info on how you created this masterpiece. I don't have Tangled FX but I'm thinking I should get it.

  4. Nina, how very cool! :) m & jb

  5. Great work! Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. I love coneflowers and the white ones are a favorite.

  6. Wow - awesome transformation! Beautiful! I love your step-by-step process.

  7. Hi Nina! Wow, what a creative app! It really enhances the flowers color, and makes it 'pop'. You are so talented my friend, thank you for sharing what you know with all of us. And for all the free downloads too!

  8. Really nice app - thanks for sharing, Nina! Love the effects! xo Karen

  9. Absolutely stunning. Love all the steps. I can't seem to control Tangled

  10. I love what you did, Nina! It's very beautiful :) Hugs to you, sweet friend!


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