Monday, 1 September 2014

Add a warm glow to your food photography with photo veils [Photo Recipe]

A culinary experience consists of tastes, scents, visual inputs, sounds and sensory experiences ... like
  • Enjoying the sight of a beautifully set table, 
  • Hearing the crispy top of a cake crack as you cut it, 
  • Smelling the sweet cinnamon and apples, 
  • Seeing the colours and feeling the crispiness of the cake blending with the soft and airy cream, and
  • Experiencing a symphony of taste as you take the first bite ...
Is your mouth watering by now? All of our five senses are being activated when we eat. Therefore it is worth going an extra mile when taking pictures of the dishes being prepared, served and enjoyed.

We are eating with out eyes, so you want to focus especially on the details in food photography.
I added a tiny branch with flowers to the corner of the plate to give a feeling of festive coziness. I had the colour play in mind as well: The white and yellow flowers, and the green needles, go together with the green marzipan and the colours in the lemon slice. 

In editing I wanted to create an overall warm glow to the photo. To achieve a natural look, I decided to use photo veils from Love That Shot, since they blend softly and seamlessly to the image.

Photo recipe:
  • I started with increasing slightly the brightness and the contrast of the original image.
  • Thereafter I added the following 2 photo veils:
    • Lychee photo veil from the Botanical Collection  blending mode soft light with 100 % opacity. I used a soft brush with 50 % opacity and removed some of the veil from the cake and the plate.
    • Serendipity photo veil from Simplicity Collection, using blending mode soft light with 30 % opacity.
And that's it - easy and delicious - Ain't it!

Why don't you give it a go and try photo veils: You can download a FREE sample by following this link to Love That Shot-website.

... With Scrumptious greetings,



  1. Love the soft tones in your images ... I'm going to check out the photo veils - thanks for the tip!

  2. Such a lovely effect! Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips, Nina! xo Karen

  3. Oh yes, delicious, indeed! :)

  4. Yum! It looks so pretty and very delicious :) Thank you, sweet Nina, for the tip. Hugs to you!

  5. It looks delicious! I downloaded the FREE photo veils after you mentioned them in a previous blog. They are great fun to play with. Thank you for sharing those!

  6. Thanks for the idea. I Love the photo. Mjammie.


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