Monday, 29 September 2014

Add a warm glow to your phone photos with mobile photo veils [Photo recipe]

The ground is covered with yellow and red leaves, together with the pretty, round chestnuts. It is a pleasure to walk outside, breathe the fresh air  and hear the sound of the dry leaves under my feet. 

I like to take a few pictures in my daily walks outside ... sharing often these moments with my family abroad. It is so easy to send the photos I capture: The pictures are taken with my iPhone, so all I need to do is to attach them to a mail or to a text.

I want to share with you here the process of creating the bokeh image above, using 4 phone applications and two photo veils from the mobile collection by Love That Shot.

Photo recipe:

1. I took the photo of the chestnut with the built in camera in the Camera+ -app, saving it with no adjustments to my camera roll.

2. Using the Filterstorm-app, I increased slightly the darkness in the bottom of the the photo, with the Levels-function.

3. Then I increased the ambiance and contrast of the image in Snapseed-app.

4. Thereafter I opened the photo in Tadaa SRL - app, where I masked the chestnut, selecting the linear aperture mode and increasing the range of the effect a bit.

5. I used the Filterstorm for upsizing the photo. Some phone photo-applications resize the image size, which is the reason I take my photo to Filterstorm a few times under editing it. You can upsize the photo by selecting the "export"-function, and choosing the "Png"-format instead of the "Jpeg"-format. The image size of the Png-format is often twice as large as the Jpeg-format.

6. In Snapseed-app I selected the "details"-function, and sharpened the photo with 16% and streghtened the structure of the photo with 17%.

7. I opened the photo in Filterstorm-app, and added the following photo veils from the mobile collection by Love that Shot
 - Privet Photo Veil, blending mode Soft Light with 100% opacity. 
 - Honey Wheat Photo Veil, blending mode Soft Light with 40 % opacity.

8. In Snapseed-app I chose the Center focus-effect, focusing on the chestnut with the following adjustements: -35% outer brightness, +30 inner brightness and 0% blur.

9. Finally, I upsized the photo in Filterstorm-app.

Mobile Photo Veils are easy to use: I have downloaded them to my iPhone, where I have made a special album for them, so I quickly can find the veil I am looking for. You may have noticed that Privet is my favourite photo veil - I like the way it adds warm tones to the photo, in a natural and subtle way.

I hope this photo recipe has inspired you to create images with a bokeh effect, and experiment with the natural mobile veils and textures from Love That Shot,

With colourful Fall greetings,



  1. So, so, so beautiful. (But beyond my technical stamina, I think.)

  2. Wow! You amaze me with your photo ability. :-)
    I'm not sure it would work like that for me, lol.
    I will pass this info on to my husband.
    Have a beautiful and blessed week.
    Joy! Debbie

  3. What a lovely transformation to the photo, Nina. I love how the background is blurred - simply beautiful!

    Hugs to you!

  4. Great image! I didn't know Filterstorm upsized the photos. I am going to bookmark this page and come back when I have more time to learn from your tutorial. :) Thank you for all the information.

  5. What a lovely transformation, Nina! Makes me almost want a smart phone! :)

  6. What you do with mobile apps astounds me, Nina!
    This is a beautiful creation.
    I have an android, no iphone, so some apps I have not found matching compatible. I do use snapseed, though!


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