Thursday, 29 May 2014

Classic Vintage Photo editor {App Happy Wednesday}

Barb Brookbank hosts an inspiring App Happy Wednesday on her blog Keeping With the Times, where you can share your favorite phone photography images and tell a bit about how you have edited them. 

I found recently the  Classic Vintage - Photo editor app, which enables you to add a touch of vintage to your photos. You can choose and adjust the paper, the type and amount of the crackle-effect, the border and the sepia effect, from 100% - 0 % opacity.

I used an extern macro-lens Olloclip when I took a photo with my iPhone of the flower, I received from my sweet friend. Using Image Blender App, I added a layer of the same flower, just smaller, in the lower left corner. Then I took the picture to the Classic Vintage - photo editor app. 

I chose a paper from the Montana Collection, adjusting the sepia effect down to 25%. Therafter I added a crackle effect from the free collection, with 50% opacity. I liked the old paper effect, so I didn't choose any borders.

The possibility to adjust the amount of the effects is great, the different types of papers, crackles and borders gives you numerous variations in creating photos with vintage effects.

For more inspiration, come and drop by at Barb's App Happy Wednesday!


Keeping With The Times


  1. I like what you have done here Nina, I have the app but haven't done a lot with it. Thanks for your steps to show me the way.

  2. Beauty! I love that you show your steps - that's very helpful! Thank you so much for linking up today!

  3. This is sooo pretty! And thank for telling how you did it. That always helps.


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