Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Snowy Leaf

Snowflakes started to fall yesterday afternoon.
I took a little walk outside,
and found this heart-leaf covered with snow!

It was nice to hear the snow under my boots ...
And to feel the snowflakes falling on my face. That reminded me of my childhood, when me and my little brother caught the snowflakes with our mouths and let them smelt on our toungues!

As I woke up this morning, the snow was gone -
... I'm glad that a I captured the moment in this snapshot!

:   :   :

The photo is taken with iPhone, edited in Snapseed-App - thereafter I have added Kim Klassen's texture 2811Magic blendmode soft light 60% and a texture Wailele blend mode color burn 23 % from Kalani Collection by Love That Shot.

Which moment do you appreciate having captured  with your camera lately?

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  1. This is really pretty with your processing Nina! I love the lightness, and the heart shaped leaf. I captured a similar snow photo of our neighbors (husband and wife) walking hand in hand through the snow, a back view. It's definitely one of my faves this winter.

  2. Beautiful image! (and lovely editing too). I have a few images of a snowy day (the kind with big fluffy flakes) that are my favorite so far this winter.

  3. As always this is even more beautiful larger than on Instagram, just gorgeous.

  4. what a sweet find and a lovely image!!

  5. Great photo. Love how the snow is painting the leaf. :)

  6. such a lovely photo and your remembrances; thanks for sharing; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  7. I love the perspective of the photo. The color of the leaf peeking through the snow is beautiful. I am glad you got to capture it before it all melted.

  8. I see a heart in the shape of the leaf - cool and wonderful leaf image that is nearly Hidden in the snow.. great camera shoot

  9. Nina - your iPhone photos are inspiring. This is magical.

  10. What a lucky find and it makes a great Texture Twist too!

  11. Snapsed is one of my favorite Apps for editing my phone pictures. I do LOVE this leaf you captured, it is beautiful!

  12. What a great shot...So glad you got to enjoy a walk in the snow before it disappeared.....

  13. I love that you found a heart in the snow. Beautiful! I will have to try Snapseed. This is lovely!

  14. Sure glad you got some snow to enjoy, Nina!
    Here, most people are wishing it would go away already. :) I don't mind it though. Having four seasons is a marvelous wonder in so many ways!

  15. the best 'adult' snows are those that remind us of our childhood during the evening and are gone by morning. Sweet find in the snow.

  16. Lucky girl,
    this year we've had no snow so far in Germany's lowlands...


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