Monday, 4 November 2013

Rose on a Dream Canvas & Grateful November

At times our own light goes out and
is rekindled by a spark
from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those
who have lighted the flame within us.

Albert Schweitzer

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Friends and loved ones do rekindle the light and renew the hope within us ... These precious relationships are one thing among many, we can be grateful for.
I'm joining November Gratitude Challenge by posting daily a picture on this theme on Instagram. It is encouraging to follow along and discover the multitude of things, there is to be thankful for, by seeing the posts under hastags #thankfulnovember and #gratefulhearts . You can join by using the hashtags above to your pictures on Instagram. If you wish, I'd like to follow your snapshots on November Gratitude Challenge - I'll find you on Instagram if you tag me on one of your pictures - You'll find me on Instagram as @billenina .

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I emptied a vase with dried roses ... the texture of the petals and leaves becomes visible in a different way, when they're dry. I took these pictures with the Hipstamatic-App om my iPhone, using Dream Canvas-film together with Watts and Diego-lenses. Dream Canvas is one of my favorite Hipstamatic films, due to the beautiful texture and the leaks of white paint on it.
I have added Kim Klassen's The Wait - texture from her October set (blend mode Multiple 70 %), and Golden Glow-veil from Love That Shot's Illumination Veils (blend mode Lighten 80 %), to soften and to give a warm glow to the images.
And ... I'll leave you this time with some ecxiting news
I'm happy and honored to share with you that I'm a part of the Creative Team at Love That Shot! Check out the talented ladies in the team, and their beautiful photography, by clicking to Love That Shot- website.  
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Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday
Kent Weakley's Sweet Shot Tuesday
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  1. Nina I am so in love with your rose on a canvas. These shots are all just lovely, and the quote that you have used is so true. Congratulations in being part of the Creative Team and Love that Shot, and will definitely check you out there. will look forward to your participation in the november Gratitude Challenge. Hugs from Texas

  2. Very, very pretty. I especially like your last edit.

  3. Beautiful! I love the textures you used - I need to hop over and check out Love that Shot - I am not familiar and it looks like a cool site. congrats! visiting from tt.

  4. Your edits are so beautiful and I love Einsteins quote. Years ago I saw this little poem from Faye at "The prophet's candle, I like to share it with you.

    "In my hands I hold a candle
    whose flame is small to see
    And if I give but one light to you
    my life is filled for me.
    In your hands you hold a torch
    for many eyes to see
    So hold it high that they may light
    their candlewicks from thee."

    1. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Barbara! Faye's poems are new to me, I'll see if I can find a book with more from the library ... so thoughtfully written, and so touching!

  5. Your photos are soooo beautiful ! Very special is the second one.

  6. Beautiful Nina… I do hope you will participate in the Gratitude Quilt this year… it would be a good culmination to your series of gratitude photos. Information about what to do can be found at the top of my blog.

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. So beautifully done Nina, I am not on Instagram that much but I am following you. I am @sunnybarb
    I keep saying I am going to get going more on there but never do. I have enough problems keeping up with my blog. I will keep trying though.

    I do love these however, wonderful edits just wow truly wow.

  9. Congratulations and great captures and textures! :)

  10. Good Morning, Nina!
    These photos are SO Beautiful and your text is EXACTLY what my heart needed. - you've started my day with Hope, Beauty and Wisdom. Thank You.

    Congratulations on joining this creative team . . . (they are blessed to have your talent)
    Love & Love to YOU!!!

  11. Beautiful. I love the textures and thank you for sharing the information about the iphone app. I can't wait to try it out.

  12. Truly divine! I'm inspired to create some masks like that.

  13. Nina, these are gorgeous! The texture edit and framing amazes me. Thanks for the detailed info on how you did it. So helpful!

  14. oh Nina.... such wonderful art..... How truly beautiful.....
    thank you for linking with TT.


  15. Love the last photo image -- and quote -- it touched my heart. Aand your words on being thankful and grateful...
    Oh and super thrilled for you -- Congratulations -- super excited for your new news of being apart of "Love that Shot".. I know you will add greatly to the team... all the best!!

  16. Lovely Nina and congratulations on being part of a new venture!

  17. Nice photos, exquisite texture and excellent colors! Greetings!

  18. These are so pretty, love the canvas.

  19. I love these photos! And I love the November Gratitude Challenge, I'll try my best to join in!

  20. Beautiful images.

  21. Oj så vackra bilder!! ..och rosor.. ;)

  22. Such wonderful art, Nina! :)

  23. beautiful images and words. Inspiring. thank you. May you always have much to be grateful for.
    Have a wonderful week. I am joining you through Tuesday Around the World.

  24. What lovely images you've shared for gratitude. xo

  25. These are just beautiful! I love the faded edges and the vintage look!

  26. Gorgeous images! I love the textures and the flowers.

  27. Really love the way you've chosen to display the rose and especially the petal inside the jar. Lovely.


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