Saturday, 4 January 2014

Unhurried {One Word}

Photo with Nikon D3200, Textures 0212, soft light 43% and 2811magic, screen 31% by Kim Klassen & Rennes, luminosity 18 %  from Olde World Collection by Love That Shot

Instead of New Year's resolutions, I have chosen One Word for this year - or maybe the word has chosen me ... The word is unhurried. I hope that unhurriedness will characterize my existence in 2014. Starting with work - keeping the calender realistic, leaving enough space between appointments ... And at home waking up just a bit earlier - making sure that there is time for a pot of tea and a mindfull moment in silence.

I have joined the lovely ladies from the creative team at Love That Shot in doing the 365; that is, to take one photo every day through 2014. I've decided to use iPhone as my main camera, using the Collect-Application, and tagging the photos with #LTS365. The collect application enables you to add one or more photos each day. You can choose a title for each day, and journalize a bit more under the section "notes". What I like most is that Collect-App sends your pictures either to dropbox or Flickr-account, and that you can post and print "a calender"-view of each month. 

Photo taken with iPhone 4S with an extern Olloclip-lens, Camera+, Snapseed &  HandyPhoto Apps

I have enjoyed the hyacints, that I received from my secret elf before Christmas. Now that they are withering, I watch the color change, and I am amazed by the pretty green-turquoise-blue tones of the flowers! When the last flowers have gotten brown, I'll plant the hyacint-onions outside.

The photo-community in Instagram is a source of inspiration and finding like-minded photo-enthusiasts, alongside the blogging community! Thanks to Sharon ( @mamaducktoo ) I have learned about , that prints your monthly photos and provides a pretty wooden box, where you can keep the 365 pictures in a neat order. By the way, Sharon has just written her first blogpost her PhotoGraphic Memory-blog - Let us welcome her by sharing some blog-love and saying hello to her!

 Photo taken with iPhone 4S with an extern Olloclip-lens, Camera+ and Snapseed Apps,
texture 2811magic
by Kim Klassen 

I was reminded by the poem above by Luca's (@il-luminare) cheerful and encouraging words. Besides taking beautifully composed pictures, Luca has a way of sharing sunshine both through his photos and through the friendly and authentic greetings. He reminded me today about the power of words ... Words being like seeds, that we sow. Let us sow words of light, hope and peace.


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  1. What a good word to put into your new year. I imagine you will see a lot more than you usually would. Even in death, beauty still is found :)

  2. I love the thought put into your posts and your living, Nina, and I love your word for 2014. I'm inspired by these words I see people choosing, seeing ways I'd like to apply them to my life as well. (Leaving enough space between appointments.. time for mindful moments of silence.. wonderful reminders!)
    And I should point out that you are one of a small handful of people that makes me REALLY want to get an iphone so I can have it's camera in my pocket wherever I go!! :) You capture such beautiful images with yours.

  3. Unhurried is a great word it conjurs up thoughts of winding down and being thoughtful.

  4. Beautiful thoughts and words. Love unhurried. I'm attempting the 365 as well!

  5. wish you well on the 365. i am always amazed by folks who do that. takes some work & determination too. ( :

    E. Lizard Breath Speaks -

  6. That's a great word! Good luck on 365! It is really challenging! I did one a few years ago!

  7. No iphone here -- and my Android doesn't take very good photos, so I'll likely watch you from the sidelines -- sounds like fun!

    Love your word for 2014 -- I often remind myself throughout the day to slow down -- life is not a race! :)

  8. Good word especially in these times, I feel all a jumble sometimes and right now that is how I am feeling with my photography. So many things I want to do and really don't know where to begin. Guess it is best to just relax and begin thanks for the thoughts.

  9. Lovely post -- got me thinking of nice thoughts to plan for my self word...Photo image are done well too,, I am looking forward to see the images you share during your 365 challenge...

  10. Hi Nina
    Thank you for sharing your word for 2014. I love your photography; your photos evoke a feeling of being unhurried and appreciating the small things that could go unnoticed if we hurried through life. I like the idea of taking one photo a day; I came across a website today encouraging you to take a photo a day of something that made you happy. Lovely idea.
    I came across the One Word 365 website recently and, as I have just started my own blog, I have chosen the word ‘write’ for 2014. Not that I am a writer, but I want to commit to writing as a creative and spiritual outlet and to publish a blog post regularly. It’s already quite an adventure. Hope that you have a good year.


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