Saturday, 11 January 2014

Joy and Still Life

Photo Nikon D 3200, Texture 2811Magic by Kim Klassen
The following has brought joy to my life this week:
My husband's thoughtsfulness  - Thanks to him, we always have garlic, ginger and chili at home.

Photo Nikon D3200, texture Softly by Kim Klassen

Frugal Still Life Photography Course brings new inspiration to see the old things at home in a new light - it is inspiring to photograph them in different settings. (Did you notice that I removed the garlics and filled this basket with embroidery thread).

Photo with iPhone 5S
Small walks outside - I did walk twice during my luch break this week ...
Just ten minutes, breathing the fresh air, walking about.

Photo iPhone 5S, edited with VSCO Camera App.

Moments with tea - Our older son drinks also tea, so now we made a big pot tea in the evenings. It has been nice to find new flavours, the men in the house ordered lately some green tea, that has a sweet, delicate taste.

Photo iPhone 5S, edited with Repix and Rhonna Designs Apps, texture 2811Magic by Kim Klassen

Family - Our younger son turned 13 yesterday! We celebrated his birthday by eating out in his favourite place (Wagamama, tasty Japanese dishes, nudles in ramah and tapah and much more ... ).

I have taken hold of my word for 2014 - unhurried - Its' been a good week!


  1. i love this post. i like to take photos of the little things at home as well and getting outside even for a short walk relaxes me and keeps me centered.

  2. I love that little basket! It makes for a great still life prop!

  3. I like your different approaches to still life photos!

  4. I love this post. It makes me want to go post about my joys!

  5. Great images....ALL of them. Love your little basket. And your iphone photos are wonderful! Mine doesn't take very good pics. I think that's why I don't often use it nor post to instagram.
    Great share!

  6. Love that little basket (made from garlic leaves?) You have a thoughtful hubby. :)

  7. What a sweet little basket, you can put all kind of items and all will look great in it. Love the still life B&W tea mug!

  8. Nina, I'm enjoying the simplicity and editing of your shots - each seems to tell a story about you and your family.

  9. Wonderful photos, Nina! ALL of them! I did notice the little corn husk basket first thing! Makes for a lovely still life photo!

  10. I love your little basket, so simple. It appeals to me as a basketmaker sometimes the simpler, the better. Great photos.

  11. i really enjoy the red shoe shot. i guess it reminds me of childhood. happy times. ( :

  12. Beautiful shots Nina. I too made sure I walked outside at lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. Happy birthday to your son, the teenager! As for teas, I love sweet chai and another one is good old Yorkshire tea! Have a great week x


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