Monday, 25 November 2013

Using Veils to add Light - Photo Recipe

The Coast Road, also called the Danish Riviera, leads you from Copenhagen to North Sealand. As you drive along, you'll see the sea, the beaches and the small harbours on your right side. When the weather is clear, you can actually see the coastline of Sweden in the horizon. On your left you'll see the pictorescue houses, with parks and forest in between. 
Between the Coast Road and the sea, you'll find small paths you can walk along, from one harbour to another ... 
It is these small paths I seek, when I wish to leave the city behind. The sound of waves and the breeze from the sea will take you to another world, where time ceases to exist: There is just the sea gulls and a few fisherman casting ... Peace and serenity.
When our boys were small, we used to have a picnic on the large park next to the walking path. Now when they're teens, we still come here for a walk every now and then. Furthermore, this path is one of my favourite places for "photo walks" - that is, a special date with just me and my camera (smiling). Well, I actually had a photo walk on the Coast Road this Sunday, where I captured the sea with the foamy waves.

I have used Pixrl Editor, a free online image editor, for enchanging this photo. I started with cropping the photo, cutting off way some of the sky, letting the sea fill about 2/3 of the frame. My focus was on the light reflections on the bridge and on the stormy sea - therefore I left just 1/3 of the frame to the sky.

I chose to enchange this photo with photo veils because I wanted to highlight the wawes in the foreground, and to add more warmth to the light reflections on the bridge. I chose these veils from Simplicity Collection and Illumination Collection at Love That Shot. 

Photo Recipe:

1. I added the Dream veil from Simplicity Collection, using blending mode overlay with 65 % opacity. Using soft brush with 50 % opacity, I removed some of the Dream veil effect from the top of the foamy waves in the foreground.
2. My second veil, Vanilla Twilight, is also from Simplicity Collection : I used blending mode multiply, with 70 % opacity.
3. The last veil, Peach Glow from Illumination Collection, adds a pastel-like light on the waves and on the bridge. I used blending mode overlay with 60 % opacity.

Besides the light effect in the middle of the photo, the veils create a vignette effect, forming a natural frame.

You'll find more beautiful veils that add light effects to your photos from Love That Shot's Photo Veil Collections.

What is your favourite place for "photo walks"?

... Sunshine to your week,



  1. Well done, I love the sound of the ocean. I feel as if I'm there!

  2. Beautiful shots and editing. There is nothing like walking along the sea. Something that I really miss in Texas. Lucky for you living close to this.

  3. I don't edit much, know very little about the process, other than turning a pic into a B &W with the editor...LOL!!!!.... :)JP

  4. Thank you, dear Nina, for these helpful tips :) The ocean looks so beautiful - I can almost hear the waves :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friend! Hugs

  5. beautiful, I have this app but haven't used it, thanks for the tips, so nicely done

  6. Wonderful photos and post. Thank you for your edit "recipe." Lots of good info!

  7. Hej! Den är underbar den 'Danska Rivieran'.
    Jag har besökt den sträckan flera gånger :)
    Ha det bra <3

  8. What a wonderful place, Nina !
    Gorgeous photo and it turned out great with the Veil collection !
    Thanks for the recipe !
    Nice evening,

  9. These are beautiful, and I love what you did, also show how to do it..This is such a fun learning way for me!

  10. Beautiful shots and editing, Nina. Such a gorgeous place. :)

  11. Beautiful photographs and I love how you've shared your recipe/edit. :)

  12. Hi Nina! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. Today is Thanksgiving in USA, so I wanted to stop by and tell you how thankful I am for you :)
    Your photos are so gorgeous...and you can see Sweden from there? That's amazing! I can see the color difference in the photos, but what really draws me is the movement of the water crashing a little bit. It gives the picture such movement!
    Blessings to you, my friend :)

  13. Ahh, to be by the sea! What a joy that must be. I love being by water. We are lucky with so many lakes here, but the big & powerful waves, and moving rivers, those are my favorite.
    Photo walks - they are wonderful!
    Thankful for the peaceful light you shine, Nina. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, with more photo walks ahead!

  14. Lovely, Nina, thank you for sharing your recipe and tips! A place and {more importantly} the time to "photo walk" is on my Christmas wish list :)

  15. Beautiful! I cannot live far from the ocean!
    God bless,


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