Friday, 25 October 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly {iPhone Snapshots}

Yes, what a week ...
1. Starting with the Ugly: My neck. That is, my uncontrollable, hypermobile neck vertebrates are slightly in a wrong position, pinching the facial nerve. Ouch.
I'm thankful for the skilfull massage therapist, ice bags and muscle relaxants from our doctor.  

2. The Bad: As I was biking to work from the train station, this massive rain shower was all of a sudden pouring over me ... Luckily I was wearing a rain coat, but my jeans got soaking wet! I had just enough time to try drying my jeans with paper towels before the seminary started. The good is that I haven't caught cold. And, that from now on, I'll remember to pack my rain pants with me!

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3. The Good, creative and sweet friend of mine, Gry, makes these beautiful ceramic earrings! I got these red ones as a gift from her. Gry's design could be characterized as a timeless, jazzy Scandinavian style with a twist of vintage and modernity.
I realized that there only is 2 months to Christmas, and I got an idea to give some earrings as Christmas gifts - handmade jewellery art would be a lovely gift (and grateful to be send via air mail).
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4. This pretty house was the location for the last course module at work. It was nice to talk with colleques and discuss different cases, being inspired by the teaching and one another.
5. Cancer Awareness - week in Denmark: It is comforting to learn about the results in cancer research, about new and better treatment possibilities ... with focus on our fellowmen suffering from cancer, on their relatives and network.
... These were my random 5
- both the good, bad and the ugly -
Hoping you'll have a peaceful weekend,
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  1. Nina, I am so sorry about your neck; I will pray for you....
    The wet pants must have been aggravating but I love your earrings....You had a very interesting week and I hope your weekend is relaxing....I love that last shot and the processing....

  2. I love how in the bad and the ugly you still found the good. And your pictures are stunning as always. Blessings.

  3. Well, I would like to give you a helpful tip for the neck. I too in my life throughout different times have struggled with the neck issues. One of the tips the doctor gave me was a tennis ball. Usually if the neck is in trouble there is muscles that are tight down in the shoulder area. Take a tennis ball and lean up against a wall and roll back and forth to loosen the tight area. This had been a lifesaver for me. Blessings. Laurie

  4. Oh I am sorry about your neck I go to the Chiropractor once a month myself for my neck. I LOVE your photos your earrings are very pretty too. B

  5. Nina, I'm enjoying your iPhone pics - such creativity. I'm learning from you! Very cute earrings. I hope your neck settles down soon. My d-i-l had about 5 years of neck vertebrae problems with much pain but finally had successful surgery.

  6. You live in Denmark, but are you Danish or American (your English is phenomenal!) ? Don't mind rain, except when I'm on my bike and get soaking wet:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog - am debating to continue at wordpress: Jeannettestgermain(dot)wordpres(dot)com
    Every Fall am knitting hats for the homeless people (often with a round needle) in areas where it's very cold in winter. Simple designs but with thick wool. For myself and friends I knit scarves and/or sweaters.

  7. hope the neck pain quickly passes.
    Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. Such beautiful photos! I pray that your neck feels better soon.

  9. While I'm reading your post, my husband called me to watch something on the television. It was about a woman how make ceramic earings.... coincidence?! I love your new earrings. So sorry to hear about your neck, hope the pain will be over soon.

  10. So sorry about your neck, Nina! I hope you are able to find permanent relief soon.
    I love the first photo, of the small apples and the cars on the street.. such a wonderful Autumn image!
    I had not quite thought about Christmas being less than 2 months away now - a good idea to start having some gift plans in place for those special people in your life!
    So thankful for the advancements in cancer research, awareness, and treatment. We know far too many who have been affected, but are inspired by the growing number of survivors, too.

  11. Interesting random 5...I like the ear rings...

  12. Sorry about your neck, Nina... but I'm loving all your iphone snapshots, especially the apples!

  13. Love the shots. It is amazing what a phone is capable of these days.

  14. Hi Nina, so sorry about your neck nothing worse other than maybe a back. Love that first image a ton. Any your bag with the place for the pens to fit. The story of the rain shower goodness. Fun post Nina.

  15. I have arthritis in my neck and so I somewhat understand the pain and discomfort you are feeling....some days it hurts just to turn my head :-/
    Love your shots ... they are wonderful.
    Earrings as gifts are always nice!

  16. I used to get a sore neck all the time a couple of years ago... it is no fun and I do hope you are able to get some relief Nina --

    Love the edited photo. Beautiful!

  17. Neck issues are a pain - wink! I get them too and back -- sorry -- rest Nina - it helps heal the body! Super lovely photos -- fun ear ring too..


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