Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shadows are not all darkness

Textures: Aurora Kim Klassen, Jennifer Nancy Clayes, Big Bad Wolf  Love That Shot, Cover Shadowhouse Creations

The thing about shadows is that they're not all darkness.
You need to have light to have shadows.
So just look for it.
Meredith Walters

Regardless the shadow, my neck problems are casting over my life at the moment, I'm  trying to focus my attention on the things on the bright side: Moments when being able to take a walk outside, reading a few pages in a book, having a good rest ... and my sweet, caring family and friends (thank you for all your sweet notes and comments!) 

The unexpected breaks in our everyday life seem to take place when we least expect them, yet they're sharpening the intensity and appreciation of the things, we often take for granted.

Let's cherish the little things this week - the tiny notions that bring a smile on our faces, and the funny coincidences in life,


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  1. Nina, I'm sorry your neck is hurting so badly. Your leaf image is beautiful, and your words are so inspiring. Hope you start to feel better soon.

  2. This IS my favorite photo today -- it is ART -- gotta make a huge print of this one... it's is well done!!
    Your words are very meaningful today too..
    Keep safe, continue to heal -- Hugs

  3. A lovely reminder, and wonderfully positive spirit, Nina!
    I'm exhausted this week, but can't seem to stop smiling at the miracles, big & small, that we get to be a part of.

  4. LOVE your art work and quote! Truly hope you recover quickly.

  5. Hi Nina! (I see that finger!!)
    So sorry to hear about your neck? It must be so upsetting, you need a steady neck to take photos and to sit and type at the computer too. I will be praying for your swift recovery, and that your friends and family love you to health. May God bless you!

  6. Love your positive attitude Nina -- wishing you continued healing. xo

  7. BEautiful and wise Nina... may discovering light and blessings each day continue to aid your healing.

  8. Your photo is beautiful and I hope it soon goes better with your neck.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  9. Good reminders, Nina. Shadow is just waiting for a ray of sunshine for illumination.

  10. Amen Sista, I agree!

  11. Oh Nina, I am so sorry to hear about your neck and will be praying for you, friend. I truly appreciate your sweet spirit and good attitude - what a testimony to me and to many others!

    Much love!


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