Thursday, 29 August 2013

The small joys

1. I have spend the last 1½ hours at the computer, adding texture layers to photographies. It is such a pleasure to be lost in the shades and shadows ... As the evenings get darker, there will be more time to the texture-hobby again.

2. The season for soups has started - we had Italian Country Soup for dinner the other night.

3. I look forward of meeting with the girls from "Hard Core Crochet" on Saturday - a cozy fellowship around knitting needles, yearn & some tea, coffe and cake :)

4. Riding a bike - like driving your car - is somewhat relaxing: There's nothing else your should or could do, while you're at it.

5. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
    - Albert Einstein, letter to his son Eduard, 1930.

 Let's enjoy the weekend!
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  1. I love the photos - we know a little two year old boy named Brooks. :)
    Soups, knits, working with photos & all that you love.. these are things I look forward to with fall on it's way!

  2. I love your quote from Albert Einstein, it is so true. We have a long weekend here in the States, Monday is Labor Day, so I am looking forward to that. I hope you have a great weekend too Nina. Take care!!

  3. I can get lost in my photos once I start. Where does the time go? Beautiful photos. I'm your neighbor on Friendship Friday.

  4. Beautiful picture and wonderful words, Nina. Thank you for always being an encouragement. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. I love playing with my photos as well. I make quite a bit of soup but I'm not ready yet. It's still a bit too warm here. I wish there was a needlework group in my area. Perhaps I will search one out.

  6. Love the Einstein quote and I love soup. Enjoy your bike. I belong to a crochet group that meets twice a month. Keeps my fingers moving! Fun Five!

  7. We sure do have lots in common....altering photographs, knitting, soup...all such fun...You really are a delight Nina and I look forward to visiting with you...

  8. The small joys are the best joys. It's too hot in my state for soup, but I love it and trying new recipes.
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Hooray for soup weather. I made some wonderful chicken soup on Tuesday night from the left-over roast chicken of Sunday night. Do you ever do that? I think roasting the chicken first makes the soup more wonderful. :)

  10. Autumn must be arriving sooner where you are Nina -- it's still awfully hot and humid here.

    Happy weekend to you and thank you for sharing at R5F this week. xo

  11. Soup season!!! Yay!!!!
    "Hard Core Crochet" group!!! Where? I'm in ;-)

    Lovely Random 5

  12. Beautiful editing.
    Oh, I know how it is to be lost in textures.... 'smiling' ;)
    Linneas Atelje Photography


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