Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sweet Saturday & Iphoneography Tutorial

I was a lovely feeling to wake up well rested ... And to know, that our calendar is filled with empty space today: Maybe a walk outside, a tour to the library, spending extra time in the kitchen. I find baking very relaxing, and I'm sure there's a new cup cake recipe waiting to be discovered ...

Well, like I wrote in an earlier post, I've taken a bunch of snapshots with my iPhone this summer. A great inspiration for me was an online Phone Photography Project by Big Picture Classes, with a specific prompt for every day. I was introduced to many phone applications, some of which I have edited the photo above with. 

And I came up with an idea to share here how I edited this photo, using specific phone applications:


Hipstamatic App: Salvador 84 lens, DreamCanvas film

Hipstamatic uses its own special camera inside the app, where you need to choose which specific lens and film you want to choose, before taking the photo. Salvador 84 lens distorts the reality in a fun way - you never know exactly how, before you take the picture. Here the lens took two pictures blended in one, which I like - it's making one focus on my watch, and thereby on the time. I chose to use DreamCanvas film, which adds both a canvas texture and a painterly boarder to the photo.


Afterlight App, Goldfinch filter 100 %

Thereafter I opened the picture in an Afterlight App, which has 27 different filters, adjusting the light in different ways. One of my favourite filters is called Goldfinch. It adds an extra dimension warmth to the light - as you can see in the photo above, where I've used Goldfinch filter.


Snapseed App, Retrolux Style 4, Texture Soft 1, Brightness-50

Snapseed is probably the App I use most often. You can tune the brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation and white balance of the photo. You can also straighten, crop, tilt, focus, and use other editing options. 
Besides these, Snapseed has lovely frames and retrolux filters, which brings a dreamy vintage-feeling and beautiful light effects to the photos. Retrolux gives you the opportunity to add both textures and light leaks to the photos. I have used here Retrolux filther Style 4 with a Soft 1 texture, without any light leaks.

Rhonna Designs

Rhonna Designs-App

The last step was Rhonna Designs App, which I'm still learning to use. This app has many beautiful and cool fonts, graphics, banners, chalk, encouraging quotes and frames.
I have added the Saturday-tag, "The best things in life are free"-tag and the circle-formations from the app - I have only adjusted the colors, rotation, size and opacity. Then I choose a simple font and added the text "Sleeping In" inside the circle, and chose to add also this little striped line inside. 

After sending the picture to my computer, I used Picmonkey to downsize the picture to 640 x 640, and I added a layer of soft pink called Rapture (30 %), also from Picmonkey.

I hope you enjoyed following along...

Here's a printable for your slow Saturday mornings :)

Sunshine and many snapshots to your weekend!


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  1. I am not proud of how many picture apps I have on my cell phone and have yet to explore and use. Your edits on this picture are fun and I like the text applications from Rhonna Designs.

  2. Thanks for the tips on all the apps! I was in that class too - it was a ton of fun!

  3. I need to get an iPhone! Great pictures!!

  4. I love what you did - great edit! :)

  5. Hi Nina! You are always working on that next 'best shot' and I am so happy for you! I really like the one with the words on it, that is so cool! I'm going to wander over to Rhonna and see if it's really hard to do or not. I can't do all that fancy stuff, but you are inspiring me!

    Keep snapping those shots!

  6. Enjoyed my visit to your blog and the tips on some phone apps. I really haven't explored many, but your post makes me think maybe I should. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Loved hearing from you. :)

  7. Awesome tutorial! I've been playing with Rhonna too. Such fun.


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