Friday, 9 August 2013

Letting go of the lazy summer days

The Lazy Summer Days are coming to an end ... 
the feeling of time standing still is still lingering over us.

Lovely  10 days with my parents ...
Nature, fishing, silence and just being.
Breakfasts with fresh berries in the garden
- we were spoiled by mum :)
Starting slowly the routines ...
My low back rustyness and stifness in the morning is gone
after 4 session at the gym!
We celebrated our 18th anniversary this week -
So thankful for my sweetheart!
: : :
Thank you for your sweet notes
you've left on the blog while I was away-
I look forward of popping by this weekend:)
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  1. Nina, I recognized your Instagram photo right's truly one of my favorite IG photos ever. Perfect! It sounds like you've had a lovely summer...and congrats to you and your husband on 18 years together. :)

  2. I love you foot in the lake picture it makes me want to go for a swim. And, those berries....yummy.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary...It looks like you had a wonderful vacation with your Mum...I love the shot of your foot sticking out of the water....very original and creative....

  4. First off, Congratulations, 18 years! Beautiful second shot of the lake-those berries look delicious...I had to look twice at the first shot- cleverly done.

  5. beautiful shots and happy anniversary!

  6. Congratulations to you and your husband on your anniversary - what a precious blessing. Your photos are lovely, especially the berry picture :) It is beginning to feel like Fall here and the leaves are already changing color. It seems like summer just started - where does the time go?!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  7. Congrats on your 18th anniversary!

    Popped by from Random 5 Friday.

  8. Happy anniversary to you & your beloved, Nina!!
    We celebrate our anniversary in August, also.. coming up will be 16 years for us.
    Sounds like you have been enjoying all the best parts of summer, so happy for you!

  9. What a lovely way to spend time with loved ones!...:)JP

  10. That water is the loveliest shade of cobalt blue! How wonderful to spend some time with family in such a gorgeous place. Welcome back!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Man, that water looks pretty inviting.

  12. Happy 18th Anniversary to you and your sweetheart!

    Those berries look delicious. And summer is the perfect time for just being. :)

  13. Happy Anniversary! I adore your photos, especially the beautiful color and processing of the berries.

  14. It sounds like a lovely 10 days :) Congratz on you're anniversary!

  15. HI Nina! Hurrah for your back, I know what back pain is like. I hope you can keep up with the gym. Don't you feel like a new woman?

    Who's foot is that? LOL! It is a fun photo :)

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Ceil,
      Oh it's a pleasure of having better with the back - must be something like getting new oil in a rusty engine :)
      And the foot in the Picture is mine ... we were swimming in the lake for almost an hour - the Water was so warm... so in the end I decided to take just a few snapshots for us to look back to :)

  16. Oh I LOVE Lazy Summer Days.... and Happy Anniversary!


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