Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Peek at My Week {Random 5 Friday}

We've been enjying the delights of the summer - strawberries - together with yogurt. A spoonfull of hemp seeds on the top is good for the stomach - and the mint leaves does add a fresh flavor.

The countdown of the kids has finished ...
yesterday was the last day of school :)

To celebrate the beginning of their summer holidays we went bowling...
Now the sho sizes the boys use  are in the other end of the rag.

I could feel the bowling in my right arm after one hour ...
maybe we should have continued to bowl another hour using our left hands? :)

Our younger son learned how to prepare French Toast this morning
- Yum - they tasted good!

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  1. Your photos tell a story - hope the kids enjoy their time off.

  2. Love the son who learned he to make French toast!...:)JP

  3. I agree, I really liked seeing your 5 Friday, and it does tell a story of what is happening in your part of the world. The yogurt and french toast especially looked really good. I haven't used hemp seeds before, usually use flax seeds in my oatmeal in the morning. Good to know.

  4. I like how each picture so perfectly shares your story. French toast - haven't made that in .... forever!

  5. I used to bowl on a league and do miss it -- but my back doesn't! Great facts and photos Nina.

  6. Mint! I've never even thought of that on my yogurt and strawberries, yum :)

  7. Strawberries, yogurt, French toast? Perfect.

  8. I love french toast- it's a treat my husband likes to make for me on the mornings he is home.

    We've just begun picking (and eating) the very first berries from our strawberry patch. Yum!

    Hooray for summer break! The bowling looks like good fun!

  9. I love strawberries with yogurt and honey.

    Those sport shoes is my favorite shot here.

    have a lovely day. Nina :)


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