Monday, 10 July 2017

Holidays and Cake Championships

... Summer holidays has finally started! My spring has been the most busy one in years ... When I arrived home from work, I had to plug completely off - No computers nor writing, but small walks, quiet moments crocheting and just relaxing.

On the first Saturday of holidays,  a friend of ours hosted a Cake Bake Championship! You could just come and be part of the fun, tasting the cakes and voting for a winner - or you could  participate with baking a cake to the occasion.

I participated with baking a Pavlova - this cake is one of my favorite summer cakes. A Pavlova is easy to make, and it has a light and cloudy consistence. The mild taste of Pavlova highlights the flavor of fresh berries. I filled the Pavlova this time with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries. 

We had such a cozy afternoon - tasting each others cakes and chatting with old and new acquaintances. 

I voted for Mette's Allotment cake - The almondy crusting and the taste of black currants, rhubarb and strawberries was scrumptious! 

As the votes were being count, the winner was announced: It was the Key Lime Pie - which taste was characterized with delicate symphony of sweet caramel, sour lime and soft cream ... Delicious and a nice consistence with crums,  to types of cream and kiwi fruits. Mette's Allotment cake got the 2nd place, and - my Pavlova the third place!

Our sweet and creative creative friend, who hosted the bake Cake Championships (such a great idea, isn't it!), had prepared prizes for the winners! She handed an apron to the winner - which she had sown her self, with a fine plicated "Cake Bake Championship" logo! A price for the second best cake was cake molds, that were made of paper - like for muffins. And I received baking powder - Yes, so I can start experimenting with new recipes to championships next summer :-)

It has been good to slow down - No busy schedules, just being with the family, getting books from the library, have time to take photowalks, see friends, and bike rides (my husband has gotten a bike ... so we're exploring some green biking routes this summer!)

Last Thursday there was a Music festival at Vig - an hour drive to south from here. A day outdoors at sunshine with a friend of mine - sitting on the grass and listening music, grasping a coffee every now and then - and joining to another concert. We saw three concerts from the start- Beth Hart from the US, Kim Larsen - a grand old man in Danish pop music, and Carpark North - a Danish group playing electronic music. Besides, we listened to a whole bunch of other groups, while sitting and chatting :)

... I hope you're enjoying the summer. 
The unsteady weather here in Scandinavia keeps the excitement up in not knowing, weather to wear sandals  or wellies?! 



  1. I think it would be nice to be a judge for the cake championship! lol Your cake looks wonderful and congrats!

    1. Thanks Michelle - Lol - tasting all the cakes was the best part of the competition! :)

  2. What a fun and delicious event - a great idea! Your pavlova looks beautiful! Outdoor concerts are one of the best things of summer. Love the photos. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Thank you Karen ... Baking is relaxing and you and others can enjoy "the fruit of your work" :)
      Yes, open air concerts are so nice - it was such a lovely day, and the weather was with us!

  3. Just saw this. I love the idea of a cake contest amongst friends. Congratulations on your 3rd place win! They all sounded delicious.


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