Saturday, 19 March 2016

Knitting Grey

Moments with knitting are a form of wellness for me ... I found this grey woolen yarn and a recipe for a poncho some weeks ago, and this afternoon was calling for some knitting. Knitting with needles number 8 is nice - it enables you to get some visible results within a short time. 

I have a confession to make - I grew tired knitting a cardigan with needles number 2 ... So I did set that project aside for a while, and have picked up this poncho instead.

Including myself in the photos more often is something I'm trying to remember - so as the light was fine this afternoon, I did set up the tripod and used the auto shutter. Setting the focus right took some trial and error ... I did get my daily motion for sure, jumping back and forth when adjusting the settings!

... Wishing you a peaceful weekend,



  1. I seem to gravitate to gray and black with an occasional splash of color in an accessory. Easier to pack and coordinate when we travel. Restful and easy - matching everything. Sometimes photography is considered a sport!

  2. What a beautiful gray, yarn. Knitting is relaxing - with number 8 needles. I wouldn't even attempt 2's! You go girl!

  3. Lovely. Feeling a twinge of yarn envy :-)

  4. oh this is a beautiful creation !
    you also have beautiful photos !
    beautiful light and color I like, gray is beautiful and mixed textiles, I like that !

  5. Love these grey shadows...


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