Friday, 25 March 2016

Eremitage Forest, Easter 2016

We had a long walk in the Eremitage Forest yesterday, on Maundy Thursday. As the autumn leaves are decaying, you can see the new life is arising, in the form of buds and green shoots of grass.
Such a tangible reminder of the Easter message - Jesus dying on the cross on Good Friday, and rising from the grave on Easter Sunday - so we can have the fullness of life, the weight and bondage of sin being lifted away from our shoulders, and moreover, the gift of eternal life.

Below a beautiful spring poem by Becca Steven:

 Between fleeting and eternal

The space between fleeting and eternal lives
Around unexpected corners, near the turn of the seasons,
In the joyful wonder of the forest.

The background music of leafy trees sharing a melody
With a rushing river, for a chorus, grows louder in our ears.

The old mountain from where comes our strength is, for a moment,
dancing with a misty cloud that is on a dead run to beat the day.

The space between when the water takes a dive
from the mountain and before it lands, looks like a still life.
When we blink it will be over.

The sound will fade, the cloud disperse,
And the water rush towards another shore.

But for this brief, eternal moment, it is lovely.

...Until next time,


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Photos: Nikon D3200 


  1. Beautiful photos. Happy Easter! #PhotoFriday

    1. Thank you Karen ~ Happy Easter to you!

  2. WOW! Such a beautiful spot! Love those trees and the views and paths...breathtaking! Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Mitzi! Your sunset photos inspirere me not to miss a sunset, wherever possibille!
      Happy Easter to you!

  3. Amazing Pics. Thanks for showing ♥ Happy Easter and take care, Lina

    1. Thank you, Lina / Your beautiful pastel coloured images and Easter flowers are very pretty ... Filled with light, joy and Spring! Happy Easter to you!

  4. Lovely photos, looks like a beautiful place to walk and explore


    1. Thanks so much, Molly! It is a vast forest & park / an area many use to go out and about in the Great Outdoors. We saw a few deers from distance, but they were too far for my lens to capture them.
      Thank you for taking time to write a greeting ... Wishing you sunshine to the Easter Holidays!

  5. What a wonderful walk. :) Enjoy your Easter!

  6. you have beautiful photos!
    I like the trees and the woods, they are essentially the same nature !! your last picture is my prefered
    I want to wish you a very happy Easter !!

  7. Beautiful!
    I hope you'll drop by to share these lovely shots.

  8. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  9. Between the beautiful poem and your eye for a great photo, this is a lovely post Nina.


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