Sunday, 6 March 2016

Gluten free pancakes with tahini and apple

And the weekend has arrived! After a fairly busy week, it is lovely to spend some time in the kitchen ... making something nice for a late breakfast.

These gluten free pancakes are easy to prepare - everyone in the family likes them - one batch dough makes 10 middle sized pancakes. Not having any berries to go with the pancakes, I used an apple with tahini and maple syrup, and it worked fine, making a fresh and tasty topping.

Gluten free pancakes 

2 dl gluten free flour mix (I used Mic it! Universal by Schär)
0.5 teaspoon salt
4 dl / 1,7 cup milk of your choice
2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine   

1. Put the flour mix and salt into a large bowl and stir them together.
2. Pout the milk, little by little, and whisk into a dough using a mixer.
3. Add the eggs into the dough, one by one, whisking them to the batter, and add the smelted butter or margarine.
4. Fry the pancakes on a frying pan in butter or oil. 

Apple-tahini-syrup topping

2 apples 
6 teaspoons of tahini
2 teaspoons of maple syrup

Grate the well rinsed apples (I used organic apples so I didn't peel them).
Stir the tahini and maple syrup together, pour the blending on the grated apples and mix well - and serve on the top of the pancakes.   

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Kiitos ohjeesta :)

    Tahinia en ole koskaan käyttänyt missään, mutta se on kiehtonut. Josko nyt tämän ansiosta.. :)

    1. Hej Elisa!
      Tahinissa on maukas pähkinäinen maku, tosin hieman kitkerä - siksi hieman vaahteransiirappia sitä pehmentämään. Seesaminsiemenet, joista tahini on tehty, sisältävät paljon kalkkia - joten levitän tahinia myös leivän päälle silloin tällöin :)

  2. Yum! I could eat those right now...perfect for a Sunday morning!

    1. They do make a lovely weekend breakfast, Betsy (every now and then :)
      It's nice to find new toppings ... maybe avocado and banana with lemon would be tasty as well?!

  3. I love your pancake!!
    Have a nice week


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