Saturday, 16 January 2016

Snowy Landscapes

Yes - It has been snowing this week! The frost has decorated the trees and branches - and everything is light and white. 
I took these snapshots today - The upper one is from our little town square, just in front of the library. The two others are by the lake close by the swimming hall.

I found a novel by Kate Atkinson from the library today. I like the way she describes the persons and their relations, creating captivating plots, making it hard to let go off the book, once you have started to read it. 

The swimming hall was peaceful this afternoon - the water was still and calm. Swimming the lanes was once again a feeling of being one with the water ... relaxing, soothing and making your body and muscles tired and being stretched in a good way. 20 minutes in sauna took the rest of the tension from the shoulders ... Saturdays with swimming  and sauna seems to be the best medicine for my neck and shoulders - and for the mind as well - you  kind of get into a peaceful flow and natural rhythm when swimming.

The boys have been sledging with their friends yesterday and today - Welcome winter and sledding-hill!

Snowy greetings,


Saturday's share Fest by The Sits Girls 
Photo Friday by Jen


  1. Your swim and sauna sounds wonderful; a great treat for yourself. The snow is beautiful and I know your boys enjoyed having fun with all the white stuff.....

  2. Nice that you are able to take time for yourself with a swim/sauna!

  3. Oh what frosty delight, my friend! Your photos are stunning, my friend.

    And of my favorite things to do {{smiles}} Have a glorious week, sweet Nina. Hugs!

  4. This looks so nostalgic. Love it.

  5. Sof and wonderful!!
    Have a lovely Sunday evening

  6. yea! snow! Every photographer should have a bit of snow each winter. Swimming is sooooo peaceful and even more so if you are the only one there.

  7. wonderful captures. My favorite photo image is the last one.... keep warm!

  8. I love the contrast between the snowy scene and your words about swimming and the sauna. Great juxtaposition! Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday! Happy new year!


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