Sunday, 31 January 2016

Create Rustic Background to Your Still Life [Photo Recipe]

January calls for cozy moments inside, both gathering with family and friends inside with tea and coffee, and moments alone in a peaceful corner, getting in deep with a book or knitting. I wanted to create a Still Life photo, that has a warm feeling of indoors coziness.

White flower with the coffee colored tiny petals in the middle, inspired me to use an old, iron coffee table as a table top and a light brown panel backdrop. I chose a simple composition with a black espresso cup, to give contrast to the ivory colored flower.

Photo recipe:

1. I opened the photo in Lightroom, checking the cropping of the image, to secure that my motive is horizontally in the middle of the frame.
2. With the brush tool, I sharpened the flower and increased slightly the contrast and the exposure of the flower.
3. Thereafter I opened the image in Photoshop, and added the Calais texture from the Olde World Collection by Love that Shot, with blending mode soft light 35 %. 
4. I removed the texture from the flower with the brush function with 100 % opacity, and from the cup using 50 % opacity.

Simple as that! I like the natural warmth, the textures from Olde World Collection add to the images. I like to use them especially in Still Life photography to create rustic background effects.

What brings you inspiration in photography in January - February?

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  1. Beautiful....I really like the edit. The texture added so much to the overall look. I love it when someone explains how they got the final look. Thanks for sharing that information with us...

  2. Lovely work. Your editing skills are excellent.

  3. Nice, nice, nice. Good to know how it's done. Thanks!


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