Friday, 24 April 2015

Miracles blossom

Where hope grows,
miracles blossom.

Elma Rae

:   :   :

Spring has awaken the nature's vitality - the bright green leaves are appearing in the trees and bushes.
It is a joy to follow the explosion of flowers up in the trees, their progress from buds to white, rosa and yellow flowers ...

I spotted a bee the other day, and a fly found it's way to my office yesterday ... 
These cheerful finds witness that spring comes year after year!

Let's find pleasure and joy in the little things,
Happy weekend greetings, 


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Photos: iPhone 5S, Camera+, Snapseed, Mextures, VSCOcam - the bee with an Olloclip lens


  1. What vivid shots. Wonderfully colored reminders of God! thank-you:)

  2. So many things to catch when Spring is in bloom - beautiful captures! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Spring always brings to life our surroundings. You have a wonderful capture of a bee.

  4. It is always a miracle to me that after all the snow and cold, there is once again blooming.

  5. Yes, the awaking of spring is truly a miracle ... it never fails. Beautiful and bright images today Nina - so up-lifting.

  6. I love seeing everyone's feeds and blogs popping into life with blooms.

  7. Hello,

    You are my biggest inspiration. I come often to your blog just to enjoy your artistic vision and your so poetic photographs.

    You are a very beautiful photographer.

    Best wishes to you.

  8. Beautiful images today, Nina. I live the bumble bee.
    There is so much out there to enjoy and be blessed by.
    Enjoy the rest of your week end


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