Thursday, 5 March 2015

One Photo Four Ways - Adobe Lightroom Course

I have greatly enjoyed One Photo Four Ways-course at ShillShares, where Kelly Ishmael shows the basics of her post-processing workflow in Adobe Lightroom. I am smitten by Kelly's photography style, especially the soft haziness and the feeling of vintage in her images. Kelly is a co-writer & photographer on Focusing on Life ; that is where I her beautiful and serene photography caught my attention. You will find more of Kelly's photography on her blog Minding My Nest.

Kelly gives you a brief and concise introduction to the develop mode in Lightroom, before she starts to guide you through the four different edits. Her videos are very helpful in orientating you in the Lightroom - you can easily follow along, even if you are not familiar with editing in Lightroom.

I chose  to use my "Message in a Bottle"-photo, that I took a few weeks ago, for this course. I like the highlights on the flower and on the bottle ... and that the focus is on the flower in the foreground. 

One of the things I appreciate for learning in this course is how to create a hazy look to an image in Lightroom by making slight adjustments to the tone curve - therefore the edit above is my favourite of these four. 

Achieving a proper amount of contrast and colour play in the X-pro edit above was a bit of a challenge to me ... Yet I enjoyed a lot adjusting the curves and playing with the endless possibilities.

Another "Aha"-experience to me was the making of a black and white- image. I appreciate finding an easy way of creating natural highlights to the areas of your choice by simple adjustments.

I warmly recommend Kelly's inspiring and enriching One Photo Four Ways-course at ShillShares - Thank you Kelly for giving insight in your post processing workflow!

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  1. I'm always interested in the process and editing tools used by others. Thanks for sharing yours Nina.

  2. I can get carried away at times with the endless possibilities that one photo offer. I think my favorite is the next to last one but they are all lovely!

  3. Love the edits and the different hues of pink! :)

  4. I like how you used Lightroom. I was having a discussion with a coworker (and fellow photographer) about using this to process photos. I might have to try it!

  5. It's seems there is always something new to learn in Lightroom. Your edits are beautiful and it is amazing how many different looks you can get just by tweaking just a bit.....So glad you are enjoying your class....

  6. I can get lost in editing!! There's still so much to learn!! These are beautiful.


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