Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Add Soft Evening Sun Glow with Photo Veils [Photo Recipe]

Japanese Anemones, sometime also called "Pink Saucers", are some of my favourite flowers. I like the slim and long stem, and the pale pink flowers, with uneven petals, the orange stamen and the light green receptacle. 

Yesterday evening we walked by a whole field of Pink Saucers - such a beautiful sight! My big camera was at home, so I took some photos with my iPhone camera. It was cloudy and about to rain - which gave a fine and even light - but as I edited the photos today, I wanted to create a feeling of a setting sun behind the flowers, using photo veils from Love that Shot.

Photo recipe:

  • I cropped the photo, leaving the flower in focus to the right side of the photo. In Lightroom, I sharpened the flower in focus, boosting slightly the clarity, sharpening and contrast, with the brush mask. 
  • Then I opened the photo in Photoshop, and applied the Privet photo veil from the Botanical Collection, using soft light blending mode with 50% opacity.
  • To create a mild vignette effect, I applied Low Spotlight Right photo veil from the Illumination Collection using soft light blending mode 100%.
  • The Evening Sun Glow effect is created with 2 photo veils:

I like to tweak my photos with photo veils and textures - they enable me to create a photo with just the right mood and light, I wish to convey.

Photo veils enable me - literally - to create some sunshine to a cloudy day ... Maintaining the natural look I appreciate, since I can adjust both the volume of the effect, by choosing the blending mode and the opacity.

Every now and then I edit some of my iPhone photos in Lightroom and Photoshop - like the photo from yesterdays walk. 

Now that I know where to find the Japanese Anemones, I will try going back with my big DSLR camera, to take even sharper photos with shallow depth of field... to be able to make a large print of these beauties, the sea of "Pink Saucers".

... Wishing you an inspiring and beautiful summer:

Let us enjoy the moments outside -
The Scandinavian summer is short,
so each moments out in the Great Outdoors 
is to be cherished, 



  1. Oh, I just love the soft evening glow look. Such a pretty photo, my friend. Love and hugs to you!

  2. Very pretty, soft photos, Nina! Thank you for sharing the techniques! Hugs xo Karen


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