Saturday, 9 July 2016

A wonderful day

Today is the first day of summer holidays ... As I opened my eyes this morning, I took a deep breath, smiled and felt just light and grateful. The last two months has been filled with lots of writing and many deadlines at work, and I managed to finish my'to do' list yesterday. My mind has not fully comprehended that yet, but it will sink into my consciousness within a few day, I'm sure. 

Our boys have been on vacation for already two weeks, and they have still four weeks to go before the school starts again.
Pita lunch with schwarma and pommes frites is the favourite of your youngest son at the moment, so we went to the Schwarma House at noon ... Just a small treat ... A little celebration of that we're on holidays all together. 

I biked to downtown to run some errands. I visited my favourite bookstore and found some titles, hoping to find from Kindle or from the e/book library. I found out that Lisa Genova, whose "Still Alice" I read some years ago, has written also a book called "Left Neglected". The main character, Sarah Nickerson, experiences brain injury, that turns her life upside down ... Lisa Genova is a neuroscientist and a writer. I do like her authentic style of writing, humour with a twist, and the way she describes the characters and weaves the circumstances together.

The Church of Our Lady • Vor Frue Kirke • has a beautiful silhouette. The sun broke out from the clouds as I was crossing over the square, so I took a snapshot. The Church of Our Lady is the National Cathedral of Denmark, and the wedding of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, and Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, took place in The Chruch of Our Lady in 2004.

Queen Louise's Bridge is one of my favourite places to stop by, when biking in town. The bridge connects the inner city and the Northern part of Copenhagen.There is a bunch of benches on the bridge for people to sit down, together with a fast food stand, like hot dogs, or pancakes. In the summer time there is often times music, and in the evenings young people hang out on the bridge.

In December you can buy a Christamas tree from the bridge, and in New Year's Eve fireworks are being fired from the bridge. 

I continued from the Queen Louise's Bridge, biking along the City Lakes, and stopped for a while by a bench.  

It happened twice today, that someone asked me about my handbag: "May I ask you where you have gotten your bag from? Is it a vintage one, did you find it from eBay or Trendsales?"  

I do like my brown leather bag, even though it is not a vintage one, nor a second hand find. I bought it for a year ago from Spikes & Sparrows, a Dutch brand, that has developed a special tanning process, that gives the vintage like look to the leather. 

This is actually my first leather hand bag, that I have bought to myself ... I am mostly a tote bag or backpack type of a person. When the time came, that I needed a leather bag, I spent a few weeks surveying online for a bag, that would suit to my needs: A bag I could use everyday, in every weather and with every kind of outfit. And ~ I am happy about my bag: There is room for a book or two, a bottle of water and a lunch pack, my phone, keys, notebook and a folded tote bag for groceries. 
... My first day of summer holidays is turning to an evening.
I cherish the cozy lunch with our youngest today, and am
grateful for being on the other side of the writing marathon at work.
Sipping tea and just being.


Photo Friday by Jen
Saturday's share Fest by The Sits Girls


  1. That pita fry basket is pretty impressive. The bridge sounds like a great holiday gathering place, I bet fireworks look spectacular from there. Six weeks for vacation seems kind of short but no doubt helps with keeping the young brain sharp.

  2. Nina, I can read your happiness in your words and photos. Have a great summer break - you deserve it! That treat does not looks small! It's fun to think of you biking across that bridge.

  3. So good to catch up and hear what is going on in your world. I would love to have a place that serves schwarmas around here. And I love your bag!

  4. Nina, enjoy you holidays!!
    Have a nice day


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