Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Touch of Foraging

Finding bits of beauty of something that is worn, fallen, dried ... Foraged.

Foraged is the theme for our first assignment, sparking new inspiration to still life photography, in the class of Studio 2.0 by Kim Klassen. 

Old books ... They feel like old friends, and are some of my favorite finds from flee markets. I cherish the yellow, worn pages ... 
Sometimes I wonder, who has been holding the book in his / her hands, where has it been read, which books has it been standing next to on a book shelf. 

And ...I may have found my favorite Lightroom preset: I have failed for Kim's kk_Justa -preset, that creates a faded, dusty matte mood. I have tweaked the preset slightly, increasing the shadows and pumping the contrast up a bit.

:   :   :

Holding All In Being 

 I can see the love in a flower 
the foraging of a Bee 

a Sunrise and Sunset 
Noon and everything in between 

but the love they all point to 
is beyond all wildest dreams 

a love in love with creating 
a love holding all in being. 

:   :   :

What type of foraged is calling for your attention?


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  1. Old books are wonderful, aren't they? They are very photogenic with all their well worn texture and faded colors. I often wonder who held them too... The rose is a beautiful compliment to the books in your lovely images. I am looking forward to 'foraging' some fall leaves when they change color soon, but not raking them. :)

  2. Your images are so beautiful and dreamy, my friend. Thank you for making my morning extra lovely.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Love the words of the poem and your capture is beautiful with it's faded rose and worn pages.

  4. Old books are the best. I love the smell of them!

  5. Lovely photos, Nina. Old books are like beloved old friends....a little worn on the outside, but still full of lovely stories on the inside. Sending hugs xo Karen

  6. Nina, what beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Two beautiful photo's Nina.
    I love the colours in them, simple perfection.

    The poem too was lovely to read.

    All the best Jan

  8. A lovely post, Nina, both the photos and the poem.

  9. Love the old book and rose. Books and flowers are definitely favorite things. The preset really highlights your photo. Hope you have a good day, friend. :)


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