Friday, 16 October 2015

October Forest

We have had Fall Break this week (almost all of us, I had to work 2 days - but it was raining the days I was sitting by the computer and writing rapports, so it didn't matter that much).

 The other afternoon we went for a walk to the nearby forest ... and the foliage is surely about to turn in bright yellow, red and orange! The leaves are forming a colorful mosaic all over - Such a pretty sight.

Mushrooms are peeking here and there after the rain, the air is filled with scent of moisture and wet moss ... That is the smell of autumn for me!

The Hareskov forest has special pathways for mountain bikers, with very narrow  trails that go up and down the small hills in the middle of the forest. 
 There is also an old pilgrimage route, that is crossing this forest - the yellow sign on the blue background marks that route. 
 The pathways for the horse riding are marked with a white horseshoe sign on the side of the trees.

We met a few families, a bunch of joggers and a biker on our way ... The rain had just stopped, so I guess later on we could have med a few horse rides as well.

Autumn is a favorite season of mine ... So I cherished the afternoon in the forest - the sound of leaves under our feet, the soft light falling through the colored trees, the quiet atmosphere, talking and listening ...

I have edited these photos in Lightroom alone - I created a Lightroom preset called nj_October Forest, that I have used to all these photos, with minor adjustments afterwards. October Forest-preset warms a bit up the colors and rises slightly the saturation. It adds a soft vignette, and has some extra sharpness to bring out the details of the leaves. This preset does not affect or adjust the exposure at all. 
You can download the nj_October Forest-preset here - It is a little Fall Break gift from me to you,

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Beautiful shots, Nina! I hope you are well!

  2. A lovely walk in the forest, Nina! So nice to get outside and enjoy this magical time of year. Lovely captures of your day! xo Karen

  3. Stunning photos as always, Nina, such a peaceful feeling you've captured! Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

  4. Nina these are gorgeous photos! I am jealous of the rain and the color - we are so dry down here on the Coast & we don't get a change of leaves like y'all do.

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday this week!

  5. I love your photos! Our family loves taking long walks in nature, but these couple of weeks have been raining heavily, so we are waiting for it to clear a way a bit so that we could enjoy fall :)
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for dropping at my place!

  6. Autumn brings warmth both inside and out...great photo edits!...:)JP

  7. I can almost smell the damp and the fallen leaves from your photos, Nina. I love the little clump of mushrooms. That looks like a wonderful, peaceful place to walk. I've never used a preset in Lightroom, although because I shoot in RAW, I must edit my shots to bring out color and luminance. Your photos are a treat!

  8. I love shots like this, especially when sitting in the near dark with heating on and a nice warm cup of coffee in hand! Our autumn break is the week after next and I can't wait to get out and about to capture autumn in London and in the countryside (I'd best charge my camera batteries!) Have a wonderful week ahead xx

  9. Thanks for the autumn colors, as I don't get to see much color here in the fall. I also find simple things very beautiful like your mushrooms and leaves. Great post :)

  10. Beautiful fall colors! I like your preset. I never put a soft vignette on my images in LIghtroom, I will have to try it, it looks great. The hike looks wonderful... leaves crunching is a great fall sound. :)
    My daughter doesn't get a fall break, she has to wait until our Thanksgiving at the end of November to have a few days off.
    Enjoy your fall days!


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