Saturday, 19 September 2015

My semi-slow life week

 An unhurried sense of time 
is in itself a form of wealth.

Bonnie Freidman

The hurried can become unhurried. 
But it will not happen by trying alone, 
nor will it happen instantly. 
You will have to enter a life of training.

John Ortberg

When the days at work are intense - being fully attentive, forming quick overviews of situations, making decisions on how to proceed & handle the best possible ways, guiding & supporting co-workers - 

The evenings at home are calling for slow life: Time with just family, activating the senses with baking, cooking, walks in the nature:

... Feeling the dough in your fingers, smelling the spices, tasting the sweet and sour blend of chili, onions and lime  

... Inhaling the soft, humid air by the lake, sensing the forest moss under your feet, and seeing the sky turn orange, yellow and red before the sunset

... Closing my eyes and listening to the accentuating melody, as the fingers of our older son are following the notes, flying on the keys of the piano, and creating an atmosphere of a safe haven and homecoming

... Keeping the phone on silent mode, keeping a break from e-mail, internet, social media

These little things made my week semi-slow in a fine way - The peacefulness and just being in the present moment with the familiar, daily chores at home - and consciously shielding other things away (phone on silent mode etc.) balanced positively the intensity at the work this week.

What helps you slow down, in a period that is somehow busy and demanding?

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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Photos: Nikon D3200 - Lightroom preset kk_Still by Kim Klassen


  1. I love this series of shots as it really reflects your words of slowing down while at home. When the weather is comfortable, I head to my screen porch to wind down and if the weather is unsuitable for the screen porch I head to my studio. Both are places of refuge for me.

  2. All your photos give me a sense of rest, stillness, and beauty. Technology both helps and hinders us. It's good to unplug and become more mindful of the simple joys around us.

  3. Oh, yes! The textures of life. To feel them, to see and admire them. You are a kindred spirit, Nina. :)
    My days are feeling similar, as I am teaching 3rd and 7th grades to our younger two boys at home this year. My mind is in overdrive. We are finding our stride though, and soaking up the simplicity of weekends and evening moments.

  4. Funnily enough, I was writing today and turned on a rain storm with loud thunder through my ear phones. I was totally immersed in what I was doing and it was bliss!! I always love to see your captures, they are so atmospheric and perfect in every way. Have a wonderful week ahead my lovely xx

  5. That is my favorite flower of all. I've always been pretty slow and mellow. My sisters were the hyper ones. I'm a stay at home, don't really care about going here and there, and give me a good book and I'm fine. Hubby and I slow down by going boating/fishing. :) Your photos are beautiful.


  6. What beautiful photos and a lovely reminder to stop and slow down. When I need to slow down, I head to the writing porch and do a little bit of journalling...or I crochet. I find the need to concentrate a great way to get out of my head and not let other things bother me.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday this week!

  7. Beautiful!
    Please come link up at


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