Saturday, 29 August 2015

Frisbee Golf [Holiday Memories]

The Kanavan Frisbee Golf -lanes are located in the Southern Savolax region in Finland, about 300 km from the capital, Helsinki. Frisbee Golf is about casting the frisbee to the direction of the next "hole", or more precisely, an elevated metal basket. The route consists of 18 lanes, in the ridges of Joroinen, in the forest among the pine trees and blueberries. This was my first time trying Frisbee Golf - our youngest son has tried it once with his class.

The sunny weather and a nice breeze made a weather for a 1,5 hour walk up and down the ridges. Casting the frisbee was also fun - I didn't manage to throw that long, though - and mine frisbee ended often times a few meters beside the lane in the forest ... so after the 9th hole I packed my frisbee in the back bag and just enjoy the walk and blueberries - and take a few snapshots on our way :-)

Such a beautiful route - Frisbee Golf is a great way of being outside together!

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  1. That's a far more beautiful place to play than around here. My step son plays a lot. I never have but if I was younger, I'm sure I'd be out there too.

  2. How very interesting the Frisbee-golf is, I had no idea it existed. And how fun playing it in such a beautiful place. :)

  3. Frisbee-golf?
    That's a novel concept!

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