Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vintage Black and White Photo Effect with Photo Veils - Photo recipe

We have an old box filled with faded black and white photographs from my husbands grandparents. Every now and then we look at the photos together with his sisters ... I enjoy hearing their childhood memories, as well as admiring the time's warm patina on the photos.
I wanted to create a vintage-like black and white photo effect using Photo Veil Collections from Love That Shot.
In order to let the light fall on the tulips alone, I chose a dark backdrop - actually a blanket of cashmere and alpaca - that would not reflect light. The texture of the blanket would create fine a contrast to texture of the tulip petals.
My focus was on the lowest tulip, so I used spot metering. The daylight light fell on the tulips from the window to the left, creating natural highlights and shadows.
Photo recipe:
  • I converted the photo to black and white in Lightroom, using the B&W Contrast High-present. Therafter I increased slightly the highlights and shadows.
  • I added the following 4 photo veils:

Photo veils create subtle and seamless layers, enabling you to achieve the effect, that suits to your style of photography. 

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  1. I've never used photo veils. You photo is beautiful! You're convincing me that I need to learn more about the veils!

  2. That is one beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing! This makes me want to learn more about using photo veils! I am really enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for sharing! <3 Holly


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