Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day 2014 - Green Cities: Copenhagen


As I walked by the lake in the late afternoon, this pretty spring flower stood under a bush ... being pure and simple - having popped up from earth just a few days ago. "Simple" in this weeks theme in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.

I used Kim Klassen's textures Framed with blending mode luminosity 11% and 2811Magic with blending mode screen 9%. I added also a photo veil Pohutukawa from Love That Shot's 
Botanical Collection.

Earth Day in 2014 focuses on Green Cities. Living in the suburbs of Copenhagen, I enjoy the parks and small lakes around and about. The three lakes close by form a peaceful area with rich bird life - I often times see people with binoculars spotting the different waterbirds.

Bicycle lanes is another green initiative I cherish here in Copenhagen. The neatly connected bicycle lanes and routes are one reason why so many people bike to work and schools. The lates initiative is the "Super-bike-lanes" that are specially designed to fit the green wave in traffic lights, making it fast and easy for you to bike longer distances in the mornings and evenings.

Biking to the university and to work was a great way of being outside and getting motion. Now it would take me over an hour to bike to work, and another hour to bike home, so I often drive car or take the bike & train-combination. The local trains have special sections, where you can take your bike with you.

The video below shows both different types of bikes & biking in the city. The "Christiania bike" enables you to transport small children in the bike. When our boys were small, we had a small bike-trailer behind one of our bikes, where our boys were sitting. It had a cover for a rainy day, with small windows, they could look ouside.

Biking in Copenhagen

... Wishing you a Happy Earth Day from Copenhagen!
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  1. Love your flower image. Copenhagen sounds like a wonderful place to live!

    1. Thank you Barbara! I'm a country girl, grown up in the forest by a river ... yet I get by here, thanks to the green areas and a husband, who loves to take to the forest to go for a walk :)

  2. A wonderful ode to Mother Earth, we have to cherish all beauty she gives us!

    1. Yes, ain't it wonderful, Barbara ... Each spring leaves us wordless by the new growth and the pure, green leaves ...!

  3. What a wonderful initiative! It was good to see the city in the video :)

    1. The Earthd Day is a great initiative - bringing focus to the climate and the values that cherish the environment - wh should have earth day every day, shouldn't we?! :)


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