Thursday, 12 September 2013

I see something blue ...

 Saturday was warm and sunny - what made it even more special was that
I met up with a good friend for coffee.
I enjoyed biking through the city - sunshine has an energizing effect!
This week has been busy at work - I'm so ready for the weekend ...
 After work this Friday we'll have a get together with colleques:
We'll walk a tour in that ends in this little cafe in the forest :)
 I look forward of the Picture Everyday-class with Tracey Clark,
that starts on Monday!
Happy soon to be weekend to you!
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  1. You've posted energizing and happy blues here! Sounds like you're planning a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful blues!!! Those are the BLUES that I LIKE :)

  3. I'll take that coffee, please! I am ready for the weekend too!

  4. What gorgeous blues...I love them....I think your plans for the weekend sound like fun. I hope you take lots of pictures so we can enjoy it too....

  5. Oh I just love your blues :) The sky is so rich in color. Have a lovely weekend, friend!


  6. Blue has lately been my very favorite color! (I love all colors - so that is saying a lot!)
    These are so vibrant!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Nina!
    I get to go meet a brand new baby tomorrow & take some photos of him. His mom had been here for a visit at my house last week, we had such a good time! And then over the weekend, I found out she had given birth less than about 20 hours after leaving our house! I'm excited to meet him.

  7. Blue is such a happy color Nina -- so nice you included it in your images today! Enjoy your get-together with co-workers. It's always fun to socialize with them "off-site." :)

  8. i like all your blues! have a great weekend :)

  9. i love blue and blue and white -- great series. i smiled all the way through. biking, having coffee with a friend -- sounds wonderful. enjoy!

  10. Beautiful photos! And the walk sounds wonderful. I hope you had a great time.

    Happy Sharefest.


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