Friday, 10 May 2013

Pink / Home {Nurture Photography}

Mom's porch is decorated with dried heather flowers. I cherish the sight of mom smiling at the porch and welcoming us! 

I've had a special pleasure of being with my parents a whole week, helping to prepare my mom's birthday celebrations. She's hold 3 different feasts - such a joy to meet relatives and old friends of the family!

Mom is very creative, she repurposes almost everything and uses materials from the nature. She has crafted these beautiful covers to the clay pots using bark of birch trees.

Mom has received beautiful flowers both to her garden and in the house -
fresh roses are such a delight!

This fresh pink flower pot is a gift from my cousin - I love the texture in the pot.

                  What is more relaxing than sitting a while in the good, old rocking chair.
When I think about my grand father from my dad's side,
I picture him sitting by the window at his house in this rocking chair.

Now the chair is rocking at my mom's & dad's kitchen -
and our children are talking about it as "Granny's chair"

Happy Birthday to my sweetest Mom!


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  1. Lovely photos! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  2. How lucky to spend time with your Mom for her birthday. A treat for both of you!

    Beautiful pink blooms.

  3. Happy Birthday to you Mom! She sounds like just my kind of person!

  4. Beautiful photos. And Happy Birthday to your mum :) x

  5. I'm stopping by from Aloha Friday and just started following on google friend connect. I hope your mom has an amazing birthday!

    Ashley @

  6. Beautiful pink blossoms - I love that your mom repurposes things - very creative. Cherish these moments with your parents - they go by too fast. Happy Birthday to your mom - and Happy Mother's Day weekend to both you and her.

  7. Romantic pink photos. I like the second one the most, it has colors, textures, and varieties of shapes, all get together in harmony.

  8. Her creativity has obviously been handed down to you! Lovely post and Happy Birthday to your Mom! Here in the States, this weekend is Mother's Day!

  9. Lovely post to your Mom ~ Happy Birthday to her and Happy Mother's Day to you both ~ Great creativity here ~ ^_^

  10. Love the colors and textures... I'd love to sit in that rocker, they are always comforting aren't they? Thanks for sharing on WTS this week...

  11. How wonderful that you can be with your mother to celebrate her birthday! Enjoy your time and happy birthday to your mom! your photos are beautiful!


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