Friday, 19 April 2013

The exhibition, library and pop corn [Random 5 Friday]

Thank you for all the great tips I received a while ago on how to sign a photography! I chose to write my autograph on a passe-partout with a pencil, and it worked fine! I think my photos got a different look when framed, somehow more "serious" in a way, compared on seeing them in the computer screen. The exhibition "Moods and Moments through My Camera" was held in March.

I've taken a few "photos of my photos", and I will post them soon here on the blog to share this special experience with you. I have received positive feedback and inquiries about the motivations and inspirations behind the pictures. A few were interested in buying a framed photo of mine - I was so surprised and delighted! I set 20 pictures up and came home with 15. Some of the 15 pictures are now decorating my office, some of them are at home, and two of the big one's I've decided to give to my uncle (since they're taken on his lake).

On fridays I like to visit out local library after work - today I picked up two books I had ordered, and just sat a while in the couch enjoying the slow and still Friday atmosphere. I haven't read a novel for quite a while now - I've been occupied with literature related to my work (which is interesting and lovely to go deep with) - but today I felt like diving into a novel - a happy one, not too social realistic - a book with interesting characters. So I asked our librarian for advice (she recommends good books that I've enjoyed before). She introduced me to three writers, I haven't read before: Jennifer Weiner, Kate Kerrigan and Karin Alvtegen ... Now it's tickling in my fingertips to open the first book in just a minute.

I've been a bit tired lately, so last week I got checked my vitamin levels - the test showed that I have low vitamin B, Calsium and Magnesium. I was recommended also a diet without sugar, milk and wheat for the next 6 weeks. "Umm... 6 weeks - I'll give it a change ... " were my thoughts last Wednesday.

The change is a bit radical, though not impossible: I don't use milk due lactose intolerance, I bake often with spelt and rye, and now I've used stevia instead of sugar. So all in all, this week has been all right - I need to confess that I've missed my toast in the morning! 

Almonds and raw chocolate nibs are all right with tea ... But I needed to find out some new ways of baking the sweet things. I've found an easy and delicious book on how to make raw cookies and cakes - I'm testing the first recipe tomorrow ... 

I bought these "pale-tulips" last weekend, and look what's happened! Too much sun shine, too little water ... But there just might be hope. 

The little note attached to the plants said, that you can plant them in the garden in spring, and dig them up and put them inside for winter?! Maybe my friend could plant them into her garden - it's worth a try?

Soon I'm going to make a pop corn in our old old pop corn pot, flavour them with salt, paprika and turmeric, lay down and grab a book ....

... but before that, I'd like to say warm welcome to my new blog friends

Tabetha, Heavens Walk, Michelle, The Mosbys, My haunted Attic,
Leslie, Melissa, Justina, MamaJB, Marisa, Judy, Molly,
E,,a, Cynthia, Hula-La and Jessica!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Lovely photos Nina -- and good luck with the new food regimen. I'm not sure I could do it for 6 weeks!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That popcorn sounds yummy. Good luck with the new food change. The photos are beautiful as always. Have a great day!

  3. i wish you well - please keep us posted on how it goes. have a great day. we are having lots of wind & rain. wild weather lately. ( :

  4. I need to try that seasoning mix with my popcorn.

  5. Such fun perspectives as I look at your photos.
    Congrats on the sale of your photography work! That is very exciting!
    I have such a great big stack of novels that I cannot wait to get into.. So tempting right now, but I've had a lot of work & things to get done.
    Once I start a novel, I get lost in it and can't stop!
    Happy reading! :)

  6. One of my favorite snacks when I am hungry before dinner is almonds with cranberries. Yummy! I love the idea of printing photos you took and framing them, definitely something I would love to do!

    Oh and it is totally cool that those flowers can be taken inside during the winter and then go back out again...

  7. Good luck with the change of diet Nina, but it sounds like you are already halfway there. I just love home made popcorn. Great snack food. I will be able to keep up to date with all the blogs again, now that moving house and settling in is completed. Have a great weekend.

  8. Popcorn is the perfect snack. I am a real book lover, so i will check out the authors you mention here. :)

  9. I love all of today's images...each one is interesting for very different reasons...that last one is way cool!!


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