Thursday, 18 April 2013

Firmoo Sunglasses {Product Review}

I was contacted by Firmoo, an online eyeglasses store, about a month ago. Firmoo proposed a trade for me  - I could pick up any of their glasses or sunglasses in exchange for an honest review on my blog.
A pair of new sunglasses has been on my wishlist for a while - My current sunglasses have very high and thick sideframes, which hinders me from seeing over my shoulder when driving a car. I long for sunglasses that I can wear everywhere, especially when driving a car.
Furthermore, I was taking a photography class, which challenged me to make an interesting series of photos of an item.
So ... I headed to the website to check out their products and service - and I was greatly pleased!

Firmoo is an online eye glasses store, which sells both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses for both men and women. Firmoo's selection of glasses is good, with many styles and  very affordable prices. website is easy to navigate - I found their sunglass-section right away, and went through the different options. I fell for these sunglasses for their elegant look - the golden, shiny detail at the frame caught my eye right away, as well as the light look of the sun glasses.
Big lens sunglasses is a must for me for two reason: To protect my eyes from pollen when biking, and  from the sun when reading oudoors.
Besides the form and the "shiny golden detail" in the frame, I'm wild about the tortoise frame! It stands out a bit, being a bit different form the ordinary sunglass frames, which I usually choose. As you may have guessed by now, I picked up the model Firmoo #OTO3537, with zero-powered lenses and gradient tinting.
If you  in general have trouble picking up the right frame for you, you're happy to learn about the cool "visual dressingroom", you find from their website: Firmoo has made it possible for you for upload your photo, so you can  virtually try the different glasses. Click here to see, how these glasses would look on you!

I received two different spectacle cases - a soft one of black, stylish texture, that doesn't fill that much and fits well to my handbag.

The other spectacle case is made of hard plastic, which I find very practical: Your sunglasses are well protected in this case! No worries even if the sunglasses end up in the buttom of your tote bag among groceries or books!

I received also an eyeglass cloth, which is handy to have to wipe the glasses with.

I was impressed receiving also a set with a mini-screwdriver and a few screws - a perfect 1st aid kit!

I like's First Pair Free program, where you can pick a pair of free glasses (pay shipping only).  All you have to do is pay shipping, and you get the glasses - A good bargain for a pair of good quality glasses.
I received my sunglasses within 10 days, followed by an e-mail from Firmoo to enquire, if the package har arrived safely and if I was pleased with the sunglasses.


Having used my lovely new sunglasses for a few weeks now
- while driving a car & biking, walking & reading outdoors -
 and I can honestly recommend this product:
I'm very happy with my sunglasses from Firmoo,
and would definitely consider
ordering another pair in the future!



  1. Cool! Quite a few blogs I follow have done Firmoo reviews and everyone says such good things about them! Definitely makes me want to try it out :)

    1. Thanks Yolanda, I'm happy especially for the light and thins side frames - wearing them when driving a car now :)

  2. I'm impressed. Very nice post for their product.

    1. Thanks Roxi - I was a bit hesitant about promising a blog post, but the photo-challenge tempted me... and it was fun in the end :)


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