Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Emporia Shopping Center, Malmö {Wordless Wednesday}

... And a warm welcome to
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Growing up - We walk with you

In Step...
We walk with you as you grow
Our undying love
nurtures your emergent soul.
Through every smile and tear
Every cry that brings fear
We walk with you.
 And as our journey through your
childhood comes to an end
Your emerging soul beams ever so bright
an unwavering glow.
 Independently you march bravely into life
...and as your stride breaks free.

We pray you will walk with us
In we go.
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Sunday, 24 February 2013

There is hope

Never give up on God
He never gives up on you.

Woodrow Kroll

Grace Called My Name by Kathryn Scott

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Walking on the breathing, blue ice

The best gift this Christmas was the possibility of spending the holidays with the family.
My aunt, cousing and his family had travelled from France to Finland to my parents.
I cherish the moments we spend together -  the walk on the blue, breathing ice, among others.

It was a high-pressure weather with clear skies, sunshine
and cold air ... around - 20 C / - 4 F degrees.
One afternoon I went for a longer walk with my cousin,
by the birch forest to the nearby lake.

It was fun trying to recognize the foot steps on the ice
- we're pretty sure that a few hares had crossed the lake before us.

 As my cousing was standing still and taking pictures,
we heard this strange low, booming and yowling sound ...
... the sound, I remember vaguely from my childhood ... the sound of ice moving.

"Walk slowly towards the shore!", I yelled to him.
It wasn't very deep right on that spot where we were,
but we were not going to risk falling through the ice!
As out boots got wet, we discovered,
thet the ice was covered with water under the snow,

We walked slowly by the shoreline back to the forest,
talking and taking pictures ...
 - and listening to the mysterious, groaming sounds of
the blue ice breathing.

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Saturday with spools and needles

It's Saturday ...
I woke up early and enjoyed my tea in solitude, while the rest of the family was still sleeping.

To cherish the boys and a sleepover guest, I'll soon make some pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast ... One thing I like about weekends is having the time to dwell in tea and breakfast in the mornings.

Later in the afternoon I've planned to repair some clothes - to iron and sew a few patches on trousers, neaten an edge of a sleeve or two, and fix my favourite totebag.

These things have been piling up since Christmas. Once you have the sewing-machine on the table, the repairing work itself doesn't take long ... from that point on there's always flow.

But how to get there?  ... You know the feeling when you've got this thing, you should do, but you keep on putting it aside, saying to yourself that "I'll do it tomorrow" - wondering therafter when that tomorrow eventually will come?

Well, in the case of the patches for the trousers, the tomorrow has finally arrived.
And for the tote bag as well.

I got this bag from a friend of mine - she's very talented and creative,
so she sewed the tote for my birthday a few years ago.

I like the patterns and the lace borders in this bag a lot,
so I plan to sew new traps to it, using a blend of a cotton-linen-fabric.

I've repurposed these cute chocolate boxes to sewing kits
 - there's plenty of place to sewing rolls and needles in them!
Enjoy your weekend ...
... and a warm welcome  
 to new followers Marty, Gilina and EG Camera Girl!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Baked blueberry banana oatmeal

I learned to eat baked oat meal in Brussels, Belgium, where I spent 3 years in a Bible Collage. Tim, an american cook with a great sense of humor, prepared the most delicious meals for us, and shared his baked oat meal recipe with me.
This baked oatmeal with banana and blueberries gives you a lovely start in the morning! It's easy to prepare - you basically mix the ingredients together, top the meal with blueberries, and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
I found the recipe from Dawn's lovely food-blog Words of Deliciousness, where you can find a printable recipe. I've added a half teaspoon stevia, and one teaspoon of coconut oil, to the original recipe.

I've used frozen blueberries, and I will try the recipe next time with frozen blackberries.

... What's best - the thought of having baked blueberry banana oatmeal for breakfast
makes it easier to  get up in the morning!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Serenity of Nature

The Serenity of Nature
The serenity of nature fills my soul with peace

As I lay back on the crisp, yet soft grass
I let my mind wander to a tranquil state
Where pain and suffering is nonexistent
And only the serenity of nature remains

While in my state of placidity
I watch in awe as nature works its wonders
I see the trees dancing to the wind's soft, sweet song
A host of bird's announcing the end of a wondrous day
An array of brightly colored flowers
Flaunt their beauty to the world
The pillow-like clouds, like sheep, graze in a large blue meadow
And hide the seemingly shy sun

And as i experience this beautiful setting
A gentle breeze whispers to me
'Time to go'

The serenity of nature fills my soul with peace       

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ice skating

One of the highlights of this week was ice skating -
we met up with some friends of ours in a skating hall in the East of Copenhagen.

Binding the skates couldn't go fast enough ...

- "Cool, the ice is so smooth and shine - come & take a look!"

Playing catch on the ice is a matter of keeping the balance!

The sandwiches and hot chocolate tasted delicious ... 

... and gave energy to go and skate another round.

We trained skating backwards,
and our rusty skills did improve - little by little - as we practiced!

We definately need to go and skate more often,
it's a lovely way of being active outside!
A warm welcome to new friends Yolanda, A Quiet Corner, Sharon, Viv, Kathy, Lisa, The Gift of the Moment, Tanya, Nicki, Debbie, Allison, Gwen, Jeanne, Enie, Lori and Karen!

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