Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Little Break

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I will be having a little break for a couple of weeks - for resting and recovering. The old whiplash injury in my neck may have been provoked by the accident a month ago, so I am on sick leave to get better again. 

So, time away from photography, computer, editing etc. 
And lots of sleeping (the medicine puts me to sleep, setting the daily naps in schedule - smile), listening to audio books and watching the light casting shadows on the ceiling.

Hellen Keller's quote speaks to me:

You rest now. Rest for longer that you are used to resting.
Make stillness around you, a field of peace.
Your best work, the best time of your life
will grow out of this peace.

LR preset kk_Within

Beautiful nap this afternoon that
 put velvet
between my vertebrae.

Henry Miller

LR preset kk_Still

These breaks, setting the daily routines in stand by, seem to be coming sometimes out of the blue ... Yet, they are teaching me to mind and act upon the tiny signs, I was aware of in my body. Lessons in lifelong learning:

 Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

:  :  :

With restful greetings,

PS. I look forward of trying all the beautiful LR presets from Kim Klassen's Studio Collection - I had hard time in choosing between the kk_Within and kk_Still, so I posted both of them.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

There is Freedom

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and 
where the Spirit of the Lord is, 
there is freedom.

1. Corinthians 3:17 NIV

Freedom Reigns by Jesus Culture

:   :   :

Resting safely and just being as I am,
in your presence, Lord -
Breathing lightly and feeling
your love  and mercy,
Thank you.

:   :   :

Blessings to your week,


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Photo: iPhone 5S, edited in Lightroom

Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Good Morning & A Free Printable

 Edited with LR Preset kk_Breeze

It has been a very good morning today, since

  • Our younger son has had a great week with his school at the Island of Bornholm, he has returned home with the rucksack willed with new experiences in the beautiful nature, together with his classmates
  • I enjoyed my morning tea accompanied by piano melodies composed by our older son 
  • Having gone through my wardrobe this morning, I have a bag filled with clothes, I haven't used for a while - so I will pop over by my friend later today to see, if she or her daughter would like some of it, before donating it to the flee market (It's lovely to swop something with / to a friend or the other way around, ain't it :)
  • Sunlight is warm and bright today!
  • It is Saturday - a day to swim some lanes - that will be good to my neck and shoulders, that are a bit worn due a whole lot of writing lately

Here's a link to a printable

I took the photo above this Monday and edited it with Stackables, Afterlight, Phonto and VSCOcam apps.
This plant is crawling up towards light along the concrete wall - It encouraged me and I thought the quote fitted so well ... Let's keep our eyes on the things we believe and find important - as long as there is hope, there is a way.

... Sunshine to your weekend,


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Gentle encouragement

Gently encourage the stragglers, 
and reach out for the exhausted, 
pulling them to their feet.

1. Thessalonians 5:14 The Message

Still Small Voice by Scripture Lullabies

:   :   :
Lord, I come before you today knowing that all power is in Your hand. I know that you are the Lord and that you care for your people. Right now, my friend is struggling with a difficult trial. I can see her strength is faltering, Lord, and know that you have all of the strength that she needs.
I pray that you will reach down and touch her right now wherever she is at this moment. Let your presence fill the room where she is and let her feel an extra portion of your strength that can help her to get through this day.
She needs you now, Lord, and I thank you in advance for meeting her where she is and shoring up her strength during this difficult time.
In Jesus' name. Amen.
:   :   :

Blessings to your week,


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Photo: iPhone 5S & Camera+, Snapseed, Mextures, VSCOcam applications

Friday, 15 May 2015

Month in Photos [April 2015]

Yes, it is already May ...  My collage of April was finished today, and I'm happy it did!

The month of April, the awakenings in the nature, the showers of rain and the scents of flowers lingering in the air ...

These monthly collages capture moments in time ... In their way, structuring time and the life lived - the first quarter of 2015 is behind us.

...there is no such thing as a charmed life, not for any of us,
no matter where we live or how mindfully we attend to the tasks at hand.
But there are charmed moments, all the time,
in every life and in every day,
if we are only awake enough to experience them when they come and
wise enough to appreciate them.

Katrina Kenison

April 2015 ~ Month in Photos from Nina Jensen on Vimeo.

Wishing you a peaceful & happy weekend,


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A Month in Photos by Mona's Pictoresque

Sunday, 10 May 2015

On Mother's Day

As one whom his mother comforts,

    so I will comfort you.

Isaiah 66:13 (English Standard Version)

Worship Central: Can't Stop Your Love

:   :   :

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss 
at the bottom of which 
you will always find forgiveness.

Honore de Balzac

:   :   :

Happy Mother's Day
Blessings to your week,

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Photo: iPhone 5S & Camera+, Snapseed, Mextures, VSCOcam applications

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Playing & Sweet Late Sunlight-preset

There girls were having fun playing at a party - So was I, both when taking these photos, and afterwards playing in Lightroom with tone curve adjustments, creating a matte LR preset called Sweet Late Sunlight. 

If you want to play along with photo editing and this preset, feel free to download it here.

Wishing you playful & sunny spring days,

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Joy, Peace & Hope

I pray that God, the source of all hope, 
will infuse your lives with an abundance of joy and peace in the midst of your faith 
so that your hope will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 15:13 The Voice

Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong

:   :   :

May this be a day of hope,
of expectation,
of relishing each moment
as a gift from you.

May this be a day of freedom,
of breaking free,
of loosening the chains that
still surround us.

May this be a day of peace,
of wholeness,
of knowing that our lives
are in your hands.

May this be a day of joy,
of blessing,
of living in your kingdom
as a child of God.

:   :   :

I have posted For Your Sunday's since October 2012 and I would like to hear
What elements in these posts you appreciate the most?

Would you answer my question by following this link to a simple poll I have made

Thank you for your help 
Blessings to your week,


Here's a printable 
of Romans 5:13
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Photo - Nikon D3200

Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Beautiful Day

Spring time is a season for Confirmations. According to the Lutheran tradition, young people at the age of 14-15, will be attending Confirmation classes taught by the local priest. The classes culminate to a public profession of faith in the church, and a dinner party with family and friends afterwards.

Yesterday a very sweet young girl, (almost an adult), the daughter of my friend, had her Confirmation. It was a pleasure to be a part of her day ... I was going back the memory lane: Remembering her being a tiny toddler carrying her teddy bear everywhere ... Her 1st day at the school, now with a schoolbag and a proud smile ... Then came the horses and riding, a hobby she still is very fond of.

There very many opportunities for me to practice taking portraits - above one of my dear husband. 

The dinner with silverware, and the delicious food made with love, with speeches and plays, was a joyous and happy celebration.

She wore the dress, her mother was wearing in her own Confirmation for a decade+ years ago ... How wonderful it is to wear a vintage dress, from your mom's childhood!

Yes, it was a beautiful day!


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Friday Photo Journal

Photos taken with Nikon D3200, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. 
I have added photo veils Peach Glow and Rosy Glow from the Illumination Collection by Love that Shot with blending mode Soft Light with 20-30 % opacity.
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