Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Autumn Roses {WW}

Textures: Appreciate and Mixed by Kim Klassen, Rosy Script by French Kisses

Beaming bright across the galaxies,
Your petals extend through heavens gate.
You waited until now to reveal yourself,
For the world it was worth the wait.

For autumn is your awakening,
While the world prepares for winter's sleep.
Summer has quickly slipped away,
While your colors of coral run deep.

Textures: Appreciated, Rue & Mixed by Kim Klassen
Some think age is upon you,
But truth is you are now fulfilled.
You blossomed into life in maturity,
Before the north wind chill.

Soon the golden fields will be covered,
In a virgin blanket of snow.
The streams will freeze then re-awake,
For the beautiful autumn rose.
Mark Anderson
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Hereby welcoming the month of September,
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  1. Gorgeous Nina! Loved the poem too on aging, great perspective!

  2. That pale apricot - a beauty!

  3. Such a fitting beautiful poem for your beautiful images. I love Spring and Fall with the blooms of Roses, just the best blooms.

  4. A wonderful poem for this image!

  5. Hello beautiful Nina! That last picture left me in awe - truly stunning :) The words were such a joy to read, thank you, friend! Have a wonderful day.


  6. Hi Nina! Love those roses!! The peach one looks like it was lit up from the inside. Can you believe that fall is coming? Hard to grasp, especially when it's 80 degrees. How's the weather there? More like fall??

    Always love being here, my friend.


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