Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bowling on a Birthday

Our son wanted to invite also the girls from his class to celebrate his 12th birthday.
His wish was that the class could bowl together.
The girls wrote sweet birthday wishes to him on the chalk board of the bowling center.

The shoe size of pre-teens varies from 35 to 41 - everyone found a pair, that suited them :)

We made 3 teams, bowling on 3 lanes.

The supportive barriers alongside the lanes were up to keep the bowling ball on the lane,
so that everyone would be sure to hit at least a few bowling pins.

When someone made a strike, the screen would go wild showing a funny cartoon.

Before each turn there the screen was showing  some visual advice on
 how to aim the bowling ball in order to hit the bowling  pins.

Opening cards and gifts:"I wonder what I'll find here ... Thank you so much!!!"

The hamburgers & fries tasted good after bowling,

afterwards there was time for a little game or two,
before singing the birthday song & serving the  cake.

It was nice that almost the whole class were able to attend
- the day was filled with smiles and laughter! 

Our dinner table at home would have been crowded,
if we were to serve cake to these 18 young people
 - holding the birthday outside, bowling, was a succes :)

We talked to two parents, whose sons also have birthdays in January
 - we thought of holding their birthdays together next year - a triple birthday
... a great idea!

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  1. Congrats on your Sons birthday. Bowling together is a lovely way to celebrate. I've also done that with my youngest son (he is now 27).

    I think to do a triple birthday next year is indeed a great idea. Here in the Netherlands they have a saying "the more the merrier"!

    1. Thank you Barbara ~ The time flies - already 12 years! 'The more The merrier' sounds good to mé ~ we'll see what next year brings along 😊

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear son and what a lovely party ~ Great shots ~ Love the portraits of children watching someone bowl ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  4. Looks like a wonderful party! I love the perspective on some of your bowling shots. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog!

  5. Love those bowling shots, especially the low perspective of the shoes and the alley... I haven't bowled in years... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #67!

    1. Thank you Madge, it is great that you're hosting the Weekly Top Shot!

  6. Bowling birthday party - great fun! I organized some for my daughter a few years back and we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

    1. Thank you Zosia ~ bowling is fun & everybody can have fun together!

  7. Awesome- bowling is so fun. We need to do that more often.


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