Friday, 5 February 2016

Flowers and Random Acts of Kindness

I surprised my friend with a big bouquet of roses this Monday - she just loves fresh flowers! It was the color of the roses, that made me think about her, and choose the flowers for her. The roses had the color of peach fruit inside, and the tip of the petals had a deeper red tone. She became really happy, when she opened the door, and saw the bouquet of roses : 
"Are those for me?! Oh dear, how beautiful they are ... come in..." - and we had a cozy moment chatting together. 

I have also received many random acts of kindness myself this week:
  • My  colleague had baked delicious vanilla biscuits at work, and she came by my office with these tasty treats the other afternoon ... How wonderful was that! My mouth is watering just by the thought of the scrumptious biscuits. 
  • I had a cold last weekend, and my body seems to be still recovering: I have fallen asleep already at 7-8 pm. in the evenings. My dear husband has been so mindfull ... "Off to bed with you, I'll take care of the kitchen and the rest" - so I have been sleeping 10-11 hours each night.
  • My mom has subscribed a Finnish Women's Magazine - Kodin Kuvalehti - to me. It is a cozy magazine, with articles on health, family, creativity & DIY, with discussion on actual topics. In that way I can keep up with both on what's going on in Finland, and in reading Finnish.

... Have you noticed some random acts of kindness this week?

 Wishing you peaceful & happy weekend,


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  1. Nina, what a beautiful bouquet!!!
    We are in the same boat; as you, I've been ill and my husband took care about everything.
    Thanks for taking part!
    Have a lovely evening

  2. The smallest things can make me happy. Today at the grocery store, a young woman stretched to get me a jar of jam that was to far back on the top shelf for me to reach. I can see the smile on your friends face when she saw those roses! Feel better soon, Nina.

  3. I can't think of a nicer RAK than flowers. Fresh flowers just say you are special.

  4. So sweet of you to bring your friend flowers! Lovely little kindnesses have come your way, too, Nina! Hope you feel better soon. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

  5. Beautiful photo of the flowers! That is wonderful that you have experienced many acts of kindness this week. I haven't really noticed any this week but about a month ago I received a free ticket to the zoo because the lady bought to many.

  6. Give roses to someone and the sweet smell of the flowers lingers in the hands of the giver. :) Such is kindness. This was such a beautiful post, made me smile.

  7. What a sweet husband! I've not been feeling well myself and my husband is stepping up for me.

    Gorgeous bouquet! Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday!


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