Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Copenhagen Arts and Crafts Market

Our Lady Chruch

This weekend there was the yearly Arts and Crafts Market at Frue Square. Frue Square is situated between the Copenhagen Cathedral (Our Lady Chruch), and the old University of Copenhagen. This area is also called the Latin Quarter, because it has been the center for higher education in Copenhagen since the Middle Ages. This area had also a major political, religious and cultural significance. In the University gardens resides the oldest building of Copenhagen.

I met up with a friend in the  Paludan book-cafeteria last Friday afternoon. When we were studying, we spent many afternoons reading and discussing in this cafe ... many cozy & nostalgic memories! We were catching up and had some mint-ice tea, before we went to the market.

The Old University of Copenhagen 

The Arts and Crafts market at Frue Square is Denmark's largest craft event this year. There's 144 artisans - textiles, ceramics, glass, jewelery among others. You can find all participants here.

We walked slowly from one booth to another, admiring the beautiful and creative crafts.

There's something delicate and austere over this Sea Snake. Lisbeth Skytte Christiansen.

Esther Elisabeth Pedersen

My friend found a beautiful bowl, she's gonna give as a birthday present.

Ceramic pearls.

Felted wool.

This goblet was standing on the church steps behind the booth.

The symbolism of the text made me speechless:

"I can
- I think so. "

During the spring, the stormy wind blew in our lives, and at times I felt like a
a crippled Barn Swallow, who is unable to fly
 a blind, wandering in the dark.

The storm is about to cease, but every now and then there's a few whitecap high waves at the horizon.
I have seen that
when I am coming to a halt, He supports
when my wings are broken, He carries me
when I can not see, He will guide.


By Lone Borgen

Lille Dansk Format

Malene Møller-Hansen

It was late in the afternoon as we sat down and enjoyed a mango sorbet.
We were talking about making 
the Copenhagen Arts and Crafts Market 
as our "late-summer get-to-gether"-tradition.

It is great that we still have creative artisans 
who create and produce 
their art in our country -
  "Made in Denmark".

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