Saturday, 14 May 2016

Tid bits on School Camp & Propel Women Book Club

It's Saturday afternoon ... And my eyes are resting on photos from the lovely School Camp this week.

We had a great 3 days School Camp with the 3rd -6th graders at my work. The weather was with us, we had sunny and warm days outside: By the sea, in the forest, climbing on the fallen tree trunks, admiring the things growing around us. 
Not forgetting sports and games - Baseball is the game for sunny days ... I just love it! 
I got some tips on how to cast the ball, and also this very helpful line: "Just hit the ball - Don't think!" - seemed to work well for me :)

I was back home yesterday at 4 pm - and I thought I would just close my eyes for a while, but I woke up 4 hours later! Well, I woke up fresh and had some supper and tea - and was ready to fall asleep at the normal time - I guess the fresh air and camp life does consume more energy that you expect!

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Just a quick tip to any bookworm friends of mine: 
I joined the Propel Women Book Club a while ago, and I have just purchased the first book through the club - Christine Caine's Unashamed
Christine Caine spoke at the Colour Conference in London last month - Her witty yet straight forward nature made it an unforgettable experience to listen to her sharing. 
Especially her work with trafficked woman at the A21 is wonderful, rescuing the fate of many, not only women, but also men and children, as A21 is focusing on the trafficking taking place among refugees today.

In the Unashamed book Christine Caine tells her story and how she has coped with the shame, she has carried on her shoulders dues some of the experiences from her life (abuse among other things). 

I downloaded the Unashamed Kindle version, and will read alongside the other Book Club members - Christine Caine will have a video each Monday on the Book Clubs Facebook group, where there will be discussion etc. 
I look forward of opening the book and starting the first chapter ...

I hope you're doing well,
Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Very cool! I will check out the book club. :)


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