Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fresh Wind, Sletten Harbour

Sletten Harbour is situated in the southern part of Humlebæk, by the coastline of Zealand. 
A fresh wind was blowing from the sea, as we took a walk in the harbour in the afternoon, 
having visited at Christmas Market in the Strandsvejens Church. 

It is a pleasure to smell the seawater and feel the forces of nature, 
as the cold wind is blowing and taking your breath away. 
Waves were topped with foam, and the water sprinkled to the peer, 
as the waves were hitting the stones close by.

As we drove home, the temperature fell from +3 to +1 Celsius grades
 and the raindrops were transformed to snow. 
At the moment, the first snow has fallen -  
a 5 cm thick blanket of snow covers the streets and roads!

Let's hope that the snow stays overnight ... 
An early walk in the white landscape 
would be a wonderful way to start the Sunday morning, wouldn't it?!

... Weekend greetings,


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  1. Hello Nina, Your photos are making me a little chilly as I think of that brisk breeze and the cold salt spray. I haven't ventured outside yet today - it's frigid here. (I just keep making tea - the mug feels nice in my hands!) I hope you still have a white world when you awaken. Have fun with your mom!

  2. OMG the snow...wonderful!!!
    Have a warm and lovely evening!


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